Call for change

Openreach is a wholesale telecoms business providing engineering services to more than 650 communications providers, which sell phone, broadband and Ethernet services to UK homes and businesses. Openreach wanted to improve the customer experience by ensuring that jobs (e.g., telephony installations and repairs) were completed successfully first time, every time and on time. This was easier said than done, because Openreach’s engineers needed to diagnose and fix a wide range of connectivity issues.

To provide the best possible service, Openreach had to move beyond its traditional engineering mindset and put customers at the heart of its business.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Openreach partnered with Accenture to consolidate data from multiple systems and gain a single view of each customer. We also spent 100 days working in Openreach’s customer contact centres and accompanying engineers. This revealed why some customers weren’t getting their jobs completed first time.

Openreach transformed its process to revolve around customer outcomes. It’s now using analytics to send engineers with the right skills, tools and parts to complete each task first time.

Openreach is also harnessing data to proactively improve its network. And its new proactive customer care unit helps identify and resolve potential issues, before they affect customers.

A valuable difference

The results have been superb. More customers are happy, because more jobs are completed first time and on time. And as the new proactive customer care unit catches and addresses many issues before they impact consumers, complaint volumes have fallen. Overall, getting more customers into service first time has reduced costs.

Openreach is using its new skills and tools to drive improvements in other parts of its business. For starters, greater operational efficiency will help Openreach bring fibre-optic broadband to 25 million homes by 2026, to help ensure that everyone in the UK is connected.

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