Much like many organizations in the capital markets industry, this large international life insurance and pension group faced market challenges that strained its Asset Management business and associated systems i.e., front- and back-office. The group required a platform that could help it achieve regulatory compliance, overhaul its trading operations and integrate risk management processes. After selecting Murex’s MX.3 platform as the solution of choice, the organization engaged Accenture to help implement the platform for its Asset Management operations globally.

Strategy and solution

Over the two-year project lifecycle, Accenture delivered the Murex front-to-back office solution in the Netherlands and the front-office solution in the United States. In addition to system implementation, Accenture designed the organization’s global operating model, which included governance and business processes for the Asset Management’s Netherlands operations.

The global operating model that Accenture helped to design enabled the organization to roll out the platform effectively and efficiently in the United States.

Accenture’s deep experience in successfully delivering Murex software to large-scale organizations around the world led the life insurance and pension group to engage the company.

Working collaboratively with the group, Accenture:

  • Designed the organization’s global operating model to include processes, products, data flows and interfaces.
  • Supported the organization with the implementation, testing, training and rollout of the new platform in the Netherlands and United States.
  • Mitigated delivery risk by implementing the back-office stream separate of the front-office stream.

Accenture recommended a phased geographical rollout of Murex’s MX.3 platform for the organization’s Asset Management operations, beginning with the Netherlands, then the United States.


Over the two-year project, Accenture implemented the Murex MX.3 platform for the life insurance and pension group’s Netherlands and US operations, and delivered a global operating model that the group would be able to follow when rolling out the platform in the United States.

The new solution is expected to provide the organization with:

  • Consolidated application architecture and processes, reducing the number of interfaces and reconciliation efforts
  • Unified global view of the overall trading positions and risk
  • Consistent, real-time valuation of all its products on the basis of individual trades
  • Increased straight-through processing rate
  • System support for new, complex products
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