Highlights from MWC 2022

Shifting consumer, technology and business model trends have dramatically impacted the communications industry – redefining the way service providers go to market and approach their own technologies. To address this industry shift and to power their future, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) need to activate new paths to growth while accelerating their digital transformation journeys.

As GSMA’s exclusive MWC Industry City Knowledge Partner for 2022, Accenture was excited to bring this conversation live to MWC Barcelona. Numerous Accenture speakers were on stage over the four days, sharing their thought leadership on the topics ranging from Cloud, AI to Quantum Comms and how the fintech, manufacturing, health and travel industries are shaping the future of connectivity and leveraging the power of 5G. Our immersive client experiences featuring cross-services, partner-powered solutions covered the Metaverse, New paths to growth, 5G acceleration, network and service transformation.

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Accenture at MWC 2022: A recap

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Inspirational sessions

Jefferson Wang

Cloud and edge: A new approach to innovation

A session on the best practices for delivery of edge services on-demand, exploring the fundamental changes in infrastructure required to scale the edge.

April Wirtz

Driving the smart mobility revolution

In this session, experts discuss the driving forces behind the Smart Mobility revolution.

Astha Bhardwaj and Sulabh Agarwal

Transformation of payments

Industry experts review the key developments and discuss what’s next for the future payments.

Kathleen Dolan

5G: Transforming virtual learning and education

Discover where 5G had a positive impact on education and how it will transform educational opportunities for all in the future.

Brian Smyth

Web3.0 - The metaverse

Experts discuss the current landscape of Web3.0, the vision and the implications and opportunities for the mobile eco-system.

Martha Cotton

Next in tech: Panel discussion

Experts discuss what is next in tech that will change our world.

Kaveh Safavi

4YFN digital health: Panel discussion

Accenture joins the discussion on how AI has transformed a number of practices in medicine.

Judith Palmés Bosch

4YFN diversity4tech talent

This session discusses how diversity is, more than ever, a key asset in the workplace and is helping digital companies to outperform.

Lan Guan

Advanced analytics and robotics for 5g IoT

How are AI and robotics changing the manufacturing industry? We explore the applications of automated guided vehicle and autonomous mobile robot.

Kevin Kapich

Private and dedicated networks for industry 4.0

How can private and dedicated mobile networks meet the industrial enterprise key business drivers with 5G IoT technologies?

Miguel Flecha

Future of multimodal travel

What is the future of multimodal travel? We examine the opportunities, use cases and solutions that could revolutionize the way people travel.

Sulabh Agarwal

The digital payment landscape

What evolutions are changing the face of consumer interactions and mobile payments? We discuss how operators and fintech companies can work together.

Tejas Rao

Digital twins in a mirror world

Is a digital twin a game changer? In this session replay, we discuss how to leverage digital twins to drive faster time to value at a much lower cost.

Hear from our leaders

Sulabh Agarwal: Mananing director, global head of payments accenture

MWC 2022 | Sulabh Agarwal

Miguel Flecha: Travel & hospitality european industry lead accenture

MWC 2022 | Miguel Flecha

Domingo Miron: Iberia market unit lead

MWC 2022 | Domingo Mirón

Adolfo Rodero: Managing director communications, media, software and platforms accenture

MWC 2022 | Adolfo Rodero

Meet our leaders

Mathangi Sandilya

Managing Director – Communications and Media

Albert Tan

Global Sustainability Lead, Communications & Media 

Miguel Flecha

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Travel, Europe

Martha Cotton

Global Co-Lead – Fjord, Part of Accenture Song

Jefferson Wang

Senior Managing Director – Cloud First Networks and 5G Lead

Axel Schmidt

Senior Managing Director – Global Industry Sector Lead Automotive

Lan Guan

Lead, Cloud First – Data & AI

Tejas Rao

Managing Director – Cloud First Networks, Ecosystem and Partnership Lead

Brian Smyth

Director – Communications & Media, Innovation

April Wirtz

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Communications & Media – North America

Hillol Roy

Managing Director – Cloud First Networks, Technology and Innovation Lead

Andrew Walker

Senior Managing Director – Communications & Media, Global

Judith Palmés Bosch

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting

Kevin Kapich

Principal Director – Technology, North America

Astha Bhardwaj

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Communications & Media, ASIAM

Saulo Bonizzato

Senior Managing Director – Communications & Media, Growth Markets, Latin America

Boris Maurer

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Communications & Media, Europe

Paolo Sidoti

Managing Director – Communications & Media, Growth Markets, Asia, Australia, Africa and Middle East

Peters Suh

Senior Managing Director – Communications & Media, North America

Marco Grigoletti

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Communications & Media, Center of Excellence, Cloud First

Kaveh Safavi

Senior Managing Director – Consulting, Global Health

Sulabh Agarwal

Managing Director – Global Payments Lead

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