Codeless automation accelerator

Get the power of intelligent automation at full throttle and supercharge your digital journey.

Go codeless to future-proof your business

In today's disruptive times, your software and applications must be built to adapt at speed, just like your business.

You need a compatible code that goes well with your legacy systems, and the capability to amplify your existing workforce's testing skills to meet your business goals today—and tomorrow.

We bring you the best of automation testing to let your people go codeless and accelerate your automation journey. How? With our Codeless Automation Accelerator, which ensures "automation for everyone, achieved by configuration."

From offering multiple open source and cloud-based tools to supporting seamless execution to automated reporting across multiple environments, the solution can deliver up to 90 percent decrease in core execution effort and cost savings.

Accenture codeless automation accelerator

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Value, unleashed

Go codeless

Lower your testing costs and leverage existing test resources with basic or no automation engineering skills.

Be agile

Test any application with services packaged in containers, deployed as microservices and managed on elastic infrastructure by agile DevOps processes.

Accelerate execution

Cut core execution effort and costs by up to 90 percent with the DevOps integration.

Experience the power of insights

Extract new insights from your elastic search data with just a click and get ML-powered elastic search and experience.

Cut costs

Identify defects early in the release cycle, reducing overall project and release costs by 40–60 percent.

Get in-sprint progression automation

Automate more than 90 percent progression test cases in-sprint and support mainframe applications to Web, Salesforce, PEGA, SAP and Oracle apps.

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Seamless automation at speed and scale

Choose from a wide variety of modules ranging from accessibility testing and cloud integration to artificial intelligence (AI) and virtualisation to fit your business needs and vision.

Codeless companion webUI app

Get access to AI-assisted object capturing, automated source code management and keyword and DSL assistance.

Web UI

Implement it with ease as it supports popular Web applications, browsers, operating systems and cloud platforms.

API & Micro services

Apt for short release cycles and frequent changes, the accelerator boasts of many APIs and response validations, including modern cloud microservices.

Cloud integration

Unlock the value of automation testing with advanced features such as autoscaling and containerization.


Designed to amplify desktop automation, it supports a wide range of open-source frameworks such as MicrosoftWinAppDriver, Appium and AutoIT.


Supporting products and platforms such as SalesForce, PEGA, SAP, Oracle OBP and nCino.

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Accelerate your digital journey

Stay ahead of the game with fit-for-purpose tools and experience digital transformation with unmatched expertise.

Mobile apps

Go boundaryless and test application software for functionality, usability, and consistency across handheld devices.

Early performance test

Calculate the performance time of applications early in the development cycle to help identify and fix application performance issues upfront.


Validate and verify software applications and services based on mainframe systems.

Elastic stack

Get access to real-time reports and dashboards faster.


Compare large sets of data and find results within a fraction of a second with close integration among popular database servers.

Integration adaptors

Transform your business with in-built adaptors (via APIs) available for common tools and products such as Jira to save upfront time.

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Get speed and the power of automation on your side

Test applications and software in a way that's faster and smarter.

Accessibility test automation

Enjoy universal access to the Web, especially those who have difficulty understanding, navigating or interacting with the Web due to any disability.


Automate multi-machines and cross-platform batch processes in distributed networks with the most efficient and simple module.


Speed up test-driven development and enable progression automation through stubs.

Security testing

Say goodbye to all security loopholes in your system with vulnerability checks and security scanning.

Drive intelligence

Unlock value and insights from your elastics search data with in-built AI and ML algorithms.

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