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Defence in the era of AI

Artificial Intelligence, genuine impact

Reimagining the workforce

Training AI as an effective troop member

For AI to collaborate with humans effectively, it must be trusted. It is vital that AI is trained as a trustworthy colleague in the military.

AI in defence. Rank: Private

AI lacks experience to think its way out of unprecedented situations, so we must focus on the areas where it will have the most immediate impact.

Human + Machine

Defence leaders are pondering how to use AI to outsmart adversary AI—successful applications will result from alliances between people and machines.

Digital transformation

A call of duty for private AI

AI will have a major impact on existing capabilities such as cyber defence, defence logistics and the ability to collaborate internationally.

AI in its infancy

Maintaining a real-time dashboard that shows the location of all military assets is very complex—the need for AI is clear.

AI joins the battle

AI is drawing new lines on the battle field and outsmarting the enemy. Is AI the next super spy?

Driving innovation

Blurring the physical and the digital

AI blurs the lines between physical and cyber. Defence agencies must understand its impacts, opportunities and implications across the OODA loop.

Private AI

AI isn’t streetwise—which is why its sweet spot is executional rather than strategic.

What we think

AI: This time it’s different

AI may be the biggest technology revolution. See how it will transform the way we work and live.

Meet our lead

I lead operations at Accenture’s global defense industry business unit and formulate and implement our defense industry strategies.

Dr. Valtteri Vuorisalo
Industry Innovation Senior Principal, Defence Services, Global Accenture