Oracle Human Capital Management

Get ready for the future of employee and candidate experiences with the Oracle Enterprise Cloud.

Rethink talent and HR from end to end

We help businesses implement holistic talent and HR solutions. From strategy to operations, and from hyper-personalized experiences to human-centered engagement, we accelerate the value of Oracle’s continuous innovation in HCM.

Focused on the moments that matter

We help you understand the moments that matter most to employees – and build experiences and processes centered around them.

Hyper-personalized for the “workforce of one”

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all. Use hyper-personalization to help your talent see how their professional journeys align with business goals.

Reimagined for the future

Build, buy, borrow… or use a bot? We help develop talent strategies that bring together the best of the talent ecosystem with machine intelligence.

Adapted for tomorrow’s skills

Constantly evolving technologies need constantly evolving skills. We help you shift the focus to adaptive reskilling.

Transformed with digital technology

We’ll help you accelerate your digital HR transformation, creating a nimbler future-ready operating model that’s more responsive to business needs.

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It’s time for action. Change starts with awareness.

Leading businesses are answering the rallying cry to stand against systemic racism and the injustices that persist in today’s workplace, launching various initiatives around diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity. Whatever terminology organizations apply to their initiatives, they must transform words into actions. Focused on helping our clients embrace change and building on the belief that diversity is strength and talent has many faces, we created the Accenture Workplace Accountability Resource Experience (AWARE) solution.

AWARE is a first-of-a-kind HCM module for insights, metrics and accountability to help ensure a more diverse and equitable workplace. Innovated by Accenture on Oracle technology, AWARE is compatible with other major HCM solutions. Providing discovery, comparative and predictive analytics, AWARE brings transparency to workplace diversity and inclusion and helps optimize efforts to drive impactful change.


Change the workplace or hinder the workforce

The future of work is human + machine. Artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies are expanding our understanding of both how work gets done and what kind of work is possible. Human+ workers are empowered, not only by their skills, knowledge, and ingenuity, but also by a growing array of smart machines and digital tools. That’s helping them become more productive, more efficient, more capable, and happier in their work too.

Accenture and Oracle HCM are supporting enterprises as they rethink how the workforce works in this post-digital era, connecting data and technology by putting human needs at the center.

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Kick-start a value-led HCM transformation

Accenture myConcerto is an insight-driven digital platform that brings together the power of new Oracle HCM solutions and technologies with Accenture’s industry and functional expertise. The platform captures the most advanced and disruptive Accenture thinking around innovation, technology and the future of work to help companies reinvent themselves as intelligent enterprises.

myConcerto accelerates and de-risks an enterprise journey to the future of work, ensuring employee experiences are built around the moments that matter.

Why choose Accenture?

Accenture’s global team of Oracle professionals provide deep expertise in HCM and Oracle implementations.

Your transformation: supported

Our HR talent and organization offering will support your HR transformation and change enablement needs.

Accelerated delivery, minimized risk

Our assets, combined with our wealth of experience, improve the speed, efficiency and quality of delivery, while minimizing risk.

Powered by intelligence

From AI to automation to analytics, we help HR organizations get on the fast-track to the future of work.

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What we think

Accenture is helping change leaders build ethical, sustainable businesses, delivering transformative solutions on Oracle Cloud with perpetual value.

Oracle Recruiting Cloud is purpose-built to enable business leaders to compete for the best talent in this new market—and markets to come.

Oracle Learning Cloud is purpose-built to support today’s complex business talent development needs through disruption.

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Case studies

Using Oracle HCM as the solution of future success.

A leading U.S. health plan decided to migrate its Human Capital Management capabilities from its current platform to an Oracle Cloud HCM solution.

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Transforming with Integrated HCM and ERP Cloud

Drive Efficiency with Oracle ERP Cloud (also features HCM)

Accenture's client chose Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle EPM Cloud, and Oracle HCM Cloud to transform its back office into one system running across the globe, resulting in a faster ROI with a lower overall TCO.


Why choose Accenture for HCM?

The relationship between Oracle & Accenture spans more than 29 years, creating a powerful framework for joint development & delivery.

We are recognized by industry analysts as a leading Oracle implementation & managed services system integrator.


We have more than 64,000+ Oracle skilled professionals across our global Oracle application services.


We offer over 2,000 Oracle tools and assets through our myConcerto platform.


Our teams are based in over 60 technology and innovation centers in 20 different countries.

Awards & recognition

Accenture is a key Oracle partner, winning #1 Global Systems Integrator for 12 straight years plus numerous awards for human capital management.

Oracle Partner of the Year

Accenture for HCM – Norway, Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy


Oracle Partner of the Year

Accenture for Cloud Implementation Excellence UKI, France, Italy, Belgium


Oracle HCM Cloud Rubies

Gruppo Mondadori wins Knowledge is Power Award

March 2019

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