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Australian Industry Capability

Develop. Sustain. Scale.

Accenture’s AIC Ecosystem

Capability focusses

Engineering services

Engineering across multiple domains (systems, software, automation, maritime and more) is critical to implementing new ideas and capabilities.

Supply chain resilience and optimisation

Resilient, secure and optimised supply chains are essential for business continuity and meeting the requirements of clients and their end users.

Cloud and data analytics

Data creation has accelerated. Leveraging secure cloud across enterprise enables distributed decision making to be quicker and more informed.

Robotics, automation and artificial intelligence

Improving efficiency and reducing manual inputs means critical human resources can be applied to other parts of the decision-making process.

Cyber security & electronic warfare

Cyber threat agents are increasingly prevalent. Defending against and responding to cyber attack is critical to sustained system integrity.

Penetration testing and security auditing

Organisational delineation of penetration testing and security audit from system design and development provides increased assurance.

Software services

Ideas need implementation. Architectures like SAP, Oracle, AWS, Adobe, ServiceNow, Workday and PeopleSoft play major parts in enterprise solutions.

Advanced manufacturing and sustainment

Complex systems required advanced knowledge, introducing new opportunities for smart manufacturing and sustainment in Australia’s modern economy.

Space and satellite communications

The Space Economy is transforming. Future prosperity and security will hinge the effectively utilisation of space and satellite technologies.

Company attributes

Regional delivery

Technology is an enabler. Increased opportunities for regional delivery facilitates sustainment and expansion of industry capability.

Veteran employment

The high-level qualifications, training, experience, and skills of Veterans significantly enhance the know-how and know-why of Australian Industry.

Indigenous enterprise

Opportunities for Indigenous entrepreneurship expands the opportunities for Indigenous Australians to contribute to Australian Industry Capability.

Accenture AIC Academy

Elevating sovereign digital capability


Quantum Computing




Agile & DevOps




Enterprise Platforms

Sustainability & Technology

Edge Computing

Our leaders

Ahmed Hassan

Managing Director – Defence and National Security Lead, Australia and New Zealand

Belinda Duchnaj​

Managing Director - Defence Transformation Lead, Australia and New Zealand​​

Nathan Kirby

Senior Manager – Australian Industry Capability Lead, Australia and New Zealand