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Modernize to maximize: Unleash cloud’s potential

February 23, 2021


In brief

Getting the most out of cloud

Many ways to modernize

The 7Rs of a cloud journey


The applications you don’t need any more.


On-premises applications that are too complex or costly to migrate.


Applications quickly in the cloud.


Applications that need to run on a different operating system in the cloud.


Applications for which better and/or cheaper SaaS solutions are available.


Applications that need significant code rework for the cloud, decoupling from other systems as needed.


Business processes in the cloud by redefining and enhancing core value propositions.

Build the business case

Is modernization a ‘must’?

Discretionary modernization

Is where you know replatforming or refactoring an application will deliver better functionality and more value, but it’s not essential.

Non-discretionary modernization

Where some aspect of your application is not compatible with cloud operations. You must modify it to get it to cloud. You cannot simply rehost it.

Decide whether to replatform or refactor

Digital decoupling—Run old and new in parallel

Welcome to the modern world

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