We are at a tipping point for immersive experiences in digital commerce. The pandemic is reinventing buying behaviors. Immersive technologies are maturing. Powerful brands and media platform giants are investing. Consumers are energized. And the advent of 5G supports richer digital content. Now is the time to invest. Brands that wait will fall behind competitors—and consumer expectations.

Making wise investments in immersive experiences means addressing these fundamentals:


Secure executive buy-in and alignment with business, marketing and sales strategies.


Be authentic with experience-led solutions that align with the brand purpose and needs of target buyers.


Develop a practical plan for shedding the weight of legacy technology investments while exploring new approaches.


Establish a process for 3D asset design, development and optimization.


Protect customers’ trust by respecting and protecting their personal data.

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The fallout of COVID-19 is pushing brands to double down on the basics. But at a time when all eyes are on the digital channel, brands cannot let innovation get sidelined. Consumers want to shop online without sacrificing purchasing confidence. With immersive experiences, they don’t have to. Brands that invest now can enhance consumer relationships, increase online sales—and open the door to the next wave of digital commerce.

About this research

Accenture Interactive surveyed over 3,000 consumers across North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region who relied on immersive technologies to evaluate and/or purchase a product and/or service online over the previous six months to understand their attitudes and experiences. Our research focused on these key questions:

  • How can immersive technologies boost consumer confidence?
  • What returns does the use of immersive technologies offer for brands?
  • How can immersive technologies create more rewarding buying experiences?

The online survey was conducted in March 2020.

Rori Duboff

Managing Director – Strategy & Innovation, Accenture Song


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