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APAC’s tech-first road to sustainable finance

Accenture commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a survey of 250+ decision makers and influencers on sustainable finance initiatives in APAC.
November 22, 2021 3-MINUTE READ
  • Rising up the agenda
  • A drive for social responsibility
State of adoption
  • Environmental priorities pursued with products, technology and policy
  • Banking on technology to tackle social and governance priorities
Challenges and opportunities
  • Short-term costs are hindering progress
  • But there are clear business-boosting benefits
Roadmap to sustainability
  • Change begins with awareness
  • A technology-first strategy
  • Meeting the demand to invest with impact

Meet the team

Paul Ng

Managing Director – Financial Services, Client Group Lead, Southeast Asia

Sachin Mathur

Accenture Research – Leiter Versicherungsresearch Wachstumsmärkte

Get the essentials

30 minute read

APAC’s tech-first road to sustainable finance

Discover how the APAC financial services industry in APAC can deliver a greater positive impact in our full report.

15 minute read

Awareness is key to APAC’s sustainable insurance

Check out the short report from an insurance perspective.