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How to increase CPGs' growth: New paths

March 19, 2021


In brief

Relying on traditional business models in core markets is no longer enough.

Oliver Grange


How CPG leadership can drive growth


How CPG leadership can drive growth


The consumer industry trends are clear

The new reality

Predictable growth and margins are increasingly rare.

Retail reinvention

Retail models are reinvented to meet changing consumer behaviors.

Liquid expectations

Industry lines blur, and expectations outpace experiences.

Purpose first

Leaders need a purpose that aligns with consumers’ values.

Financial success is only part of the story


Of consumers say they’re making more sustainable choices during COVID-19 and will continue to do so beyond the pandemic.


Of companies reported focus was on financial performance in 2020 – down from 90% in 2015.

Growth is increasingly found in unfamiliar places


Of total spend is made up of geographic expansion, down from 67% in 2015.


Of M&A spend in 2021 was on adjacent categories and new business models.

Don’t go it alone


Of executives are now trying to drive growth through building ecosystems.


Of global executives say that innovation stakes have never been higher.

Data shows the way


Of CPG executives view data and artificial intelligence as an enabler of their strategic priorities.


Of executives agree that organizations need to dramatically reengineer the experiences that bring technology and people together.

How to start

Pressure-test your purpose

Authentically and systematically. This cannot be top-down, but must be organization-wide.

Choose partners wisely

It’s not about transactions but shared incentives. HR, finance and procurement have to change accordingly.

Rely on data

Redefine data’s role and be clear about the true potential of insights you can glean from consumer touchpoints.

Tap into the power of human + machine

AI, cloud and machine learning capabilities are essential. So, too, are evolving human-machine combinations.

Oliver Grange


Oliver helps executives in the consumer goods and services industry address major disruptive trends and transformational issues.

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