Pride at Accenture

We are committed to ensuring an inclusive environment for all employees regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

Pride means more…

Ensuring an inclusive environment around the world is a key part of our belief that equality drives innovation.

And that is why we work to provide more for our people, including:

  • Professional development
  • Inclusive policies
  • Recruitment, promotion and retention guidelines
  • Equal benefits to same-sex couples in every country where the law permits
  • Transgender health benefits in 14 countries and more to come
  • Employee resource groups in 45 countries; and
  • A global Ally program with more than 120,000 members and growing

Pride Means More…

Pride is one word that means so much, to so many. See our commitment to a culture of equality.

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Getting to Equal: Visible Growth, Invisible Fears

On the surface, LGBT+ employees in many parts of the world have progressed in the workplace. But our global research reveals that underneath this success, they are experiencing unseen challenges and privately held fears at work that are hindering their ability to thrive. More than half (57%) of LGBT+ employees believe their gender identity and expression or their sexual orientation has slowed their progress at work. And shockingly, only 14% of LGBT+ employees feel fully supported by their employer when it comes to issues like welcoming those who identify as LGBT+.


I have always felt comfortable being myself at Accenture – ever since day one – and so I owe it to the Pride community to help foster a workplace where LGBTI people can thrive.

Marco Ziegler

Senior Managing Director and Global Pride Network Executive Sponsor

Equality is non-negotiable

We are committed to an equal workplace. One that inspires authenticity at work for all our people—including sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

The partnership for global LGBTI equality

We proudly stand with our partners to operationalize the UN LGBTI Standards and accelerate workplace inclusion globally.

Leaders who are out, proud and loud foster LGBT+ inclusion

Visible leadership is critical to cultivating a culture where equality rules and LGBT+ people thrive.

Open for Business City Ratings 2020

Our new report with Open for Business shows that LGBTI inclusive cities are linked to greater levels of economic resilience.

Celebrating our OUTstanding leaders

Our commitment to equality starts with our leaders.

I am visible

Our transgender employees share who they are.

50 years of Pride

See how we are celebrating 50 years of progress.

Celebrating our non-binary people

What it means to be part of the non-binary community.

It is powerful to stand up for someone else – which is why together with our Pride network and allies – we support our people to be their authentic selves at work every day.

Christine Rauh

Managing Director and Global Pride Network Executive Sponsor

Accenture signs HRC #WorkingPostively pledge

We are proud to support people living with HIV/AIDS.

Get to know our people

Hear from our people on the importance of living authentically and learn more about our commitment to creating a culture of equality for all.

How to be an ally to transgender people every day

Meet Fernanda Mayr Ferreira who shares her personal journey and offers advice for allies in and out of the workplace. Read more.

Five women advancing lesbian visibility

Meet five inspiring women who share words to live by and the importance of being our true selves. Read more.

Living authentically: Going beyond the binary

Meet three of our people who explain what it means to be part of the non-binary community and ways you can be more inclusive. Read more.

Learn what the “B” is all about in LGBTQ

Meet three of our people who share their thoughts on our culture of equality and how we can all be better allies. Read more.

Coming out with all pride and no prejudice

Meet Saptarshi Mallik who shares his story of self-acceptance and of living authentically both personally and professionally. Read more.

Let me be perfectly queer

Let me be perfectly queer

Meet Cortland Russell who shares what identifying as queer means to him and how being respected for who he is has been a differentiator in his career. Read more.

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Advancing equality globally

Our commitment to accelerating LGBTI equality extends beyond the workplace. Learn more about our impact through strategic partnerships and groundbreaking projects.


Taking GLAAD Media Awards virtual

We helped to take the GLAAD Media Awards virtual for the first time – enabling more people to celebrate the LGBTI awards. Learn more.

Building gender-inclusive voice assistants

We created "Sam" – a non-binary voice assistant – to advance inclusive representation and breakdown gender stereotypes. Learn more.

Diversity consulting

We combine industry expertise and advanced analytics to help organizations advance inclusion and diversity. Read more. 

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Awards and recognition

Year after year, Accenture is recognized worldwide not only for business performance but also for inclusion and diversity.

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