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Skills to Succeed online learning

Online learning programmes

The need


young people over 16 are out of work and not in education annually


people lack basic digital skills in the UK alone


of people over 50 are unable to find a job for longer than 12 months


of businesses are facing a shortage of digital skills in their workforce


of workers may have to switch occupations or acquire new skills by 2030 due to automation and artificial intelligence

Our approach

The Skills to Succeed Academy offers 36 bitesize, interactive modules to pick and choose from, preparing jobseekers for the entire journey of choosing the right career, finding a job and succeeding in the workplace.

The Academy includes quizzes and innovative simulations, using relatable characters to provide a realistic learning environment. Learners can practice real-life scenarios, such as a job interview, instantly seeing the impact of their responses.

Accenture Digital Skills is a suite of collaborative courses hosted on a social learning platform - FutureLearn, designed to support jobseekers gain the digital skills they need to stand out in today’s job market.

The Digital Skills courses aim to help learners understand the importance of digital skills and its pervasiveness across industries and jobs. Other course topics include the importance of Social Media and Artificial Intelligence.

Through our learning programmes we aim to build the confidence of job seekers, empowering them to take ownership of their career journey, whether they are looking to reskill, change careers, or apply for their first job.

We work together with a network of partner organisations across welfare to work, government, NGOs and education sectors, to expand our reach to disadvantaged communities, helping thousands of job seekers build the necessary skills to thrive.

The outcomes


people in the UK have gained skills through the Skills to Succeed Academy


felt more confident and employable after using the Skills to Succeed Academy


learners have been skilled through Accenture Digital Skills online learning


of participants in the Accenture Digital Skills programme rated it positively

Claire's story

"Before I discovered Accenture Digital Skills, I’d never been good with computers. The really good thing about it is, it’s open to all and it’s free. If it’s free you should go for it!"


Michelle's story

I’ve always been interested in technology, but I thought my lack of qualifications and experience would mean I’d never get a job. The Skills to Succeed Academy gave me the confidence to fill in my CV with my personal experience and capabilities.

Enhancing your employability

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