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Outcomes-focused service delivery


 Public service experience through a new lens

Designing experiences for people, not agencies

Obsess over citizens’ needs

Reimagining transactions and compliance

Time to reimagine how government payments are made

Case studies

Social security: Securing life goals

Accenture helped Singapore's Central Provident Fund Board transform their digital social security services.

Revolutionizing a hybrid campus experience

Northeastern University built a flexible learning, leaving a lasting mark on the student experience.

Tackling Tennessee’s surge for pandemic relief

The Tennessee DHS needed call center assistance to deal with massive COVID-19 call volumes.

What we think

Public service experience through a new lens

Learn how public service agencies can reframe experiences in the changing context of people's lives.

Future borders 2030: From vision to reality

Discover three trends that can create effective and frictionless borders enabling prosperity and security.

The human paradox: From customer centricity to life centricity

Accenture outlines a shift in how business understands customer needs and wants by moving from a consumer centric to a...

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Our leaders

Mark Tham

Managing Director - Health & Public Service, Southeast Asia

Eleana Liew

Managing Director – Health & Public Service, Client Lead, Southeast Asia

Kevin Ellenwood

Managing Director – Accenture Song, Public Service Customer Experience
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