Advances in AI will enable people and machines to work together, providing new opportunities and creating jobs in new industries. To prepare for the future of work and improve employability, it is important for Singapore’s workforce to understand and learn new skills to stay relevant, while continually growing and improving themselves through lifelong learning.

Understanding the future workforce

Singapore must have people + machines at its heart

Being a Smart Nation is all about enabling people and machines to work together. Learn more.

Smart nation workforce

Singapore is one of the first countries to recognise the potential of emerging technologies to revolutionise the way public services are delivered. Learn more.

AI strategies must focus on people and machines

Rather than simply automating existing processes to make them faster and cheaper, true reimagination of processes forges new alliances between people and machines that enable them to achieve more. Learn more.

Productivity stalled but not stopped

The age of the virtual workforce has begun. It’s time businesses and governments start thinking about how to use it to their advantage. Learn more.

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Developing future-ready skills

Preparing Singaporeans for the future of work

Ng Wee Wei speaks to Singapore’s Money FM 89.3 about the future of work and how the SkillsFuture initiative can create opportunities for today’s workforce.

AI: The journey to 99%

The use of AI in Singapore’s public sector is gaining speed as the Lion City positions itself as an AI powerhouse in Southeast Asia—and the world. Learn more.

Reimagining the role of humans with AI

AI is triggering an urgent call to reskill workers. But before reskilling, businesses must first get to grips with reconfiguring work.

How the human factor can make or break growth

Accenture’s research shows the primary barriers to advancing a company’s operations are human factors. Yet, effective change that creates an agile culture can yield strong results.

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Innovation and disruption

Reworking the revolution

Business success will increasingly depend on people and machines working collaboratively. Organisations must reimagine work, pivot their workforce to new growth models and "new skill" their people.

The big disconnect: AI, leaders and the workforce

AI promises to boost revenues and employment. But many businesses risk missing this opportunity unless they rethink how their people can work with intelligent machines. Learn more.

Tech Vision: Citizen AI

As AI expands further into society and is increasing used for government services, the accountability around raising a responsible and explainable AI will rapidly grow.

Intelligence-powered human services

Digital technologies are transforming the way we consume services—both private and public. Technologies like AI offer compelling solutions to some of the oldest problems facing agencies. Learn more.

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Stephanie Gault

Managing Director – H&PS ASEAN


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