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Accelerate your platform business

SynOps: Unlock new sources of value and growth

SynOps for Platforms and its core process modules

Intelligent workforce

Includes scheduling, capacity, and intraday activity management across large-scale teams.

Demand forecasting

Helps predict accurate platform demand volumes and helps Operations leads to maintain SLAs by efficiently planning the workforce for changing trends.

Automated workflow

Optimizes business processes using robotic process automation and AI in addition to orchestrating the delivery model used for each process.

Intelligent content analysis

AI-based automated content malware scanning and moderation platform to highlight inappropriate and non-compliant content.


Tracking of all Key Performance Indicators, helping to ensure SLA Adherence and allowing for continuous improvement.

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people working at the intelligent operations center.


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What we think

Navigating OpenStreetMap

Learn how to make the most of an increasingly valuable mapping asset.

Learn what areas of your platform may be at risk

To help assess at-risk platform functions, we created a diagnostic tool to easily identify areas for improvement.

Building a future-ready data architecture

Accenture helped a global collaboration technology company with an architecture that enabled scalable and trusted reporting of business metrics.

Redefining the way the world connects

Accenture helps Rakuten Mobile build the world’s first fully virtualized could-native telecommunication network.

Our leaders

Ricardo Frada

Senior Manager

Ana Pólvora

Associate Director