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The platform revolution is here and here to stay. With 7 out of the 10 most valuable companies on the planet, platforms sustain their hyper growth trajectory daily.

SynOps: Unlock new sources of value and growth

Accenture has invested more than $75M to develop SynOps, a platform that accelerates the journey to digital, data-driven, intelligent operations.

SynOps orchestrates the optimal combination of human + machine talent, driven by data and insights, to create an evolved, intelligent operating model, to deliver target business outcomes. It draws on innovative digital technologies, processes and industry expertise from multiple sources to:

  • Deliver insights: take advantage of +25 years of Accenture industry and business process expertise to improve the quality and speed of decisions and realize new value.
  • Create value: identify risk in real time to intelligently reallocate work, boost the health of the workforce, and deliver sustainable business operations.
  • Orchestrate work: use advanced data tools to identify transactional tasks that can be performed by software bots, freeing up talented people for more critical thinking.
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SynOps for Platforms and its core process modules

Manage your massive global platform with our proven, cloud-based solution that delivers a faster, safer and more engaging customer experience.

Intelligent workforce

Includes scheduling, capacity, and intraday activity management across large-scale teams.

Demand forecasting

Helps predict accurate platform demand volumes and helps Operations leads to maintain SLAs by efficiently planning the workforce for changing trends.

Automated workflow

Optimizes business processes using robotic process automation and AI in addition to orchestrating the delivery model used for each process.

Intelligent content analysis

AI-based automated content malware scanning and moderation platform to highlight inappropriate and non-compliant content.


Tracking of all Key Performance Indicators, helping to ensure SLA Adherence and allowing for continuous improvement.


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Accenture helps Rakuten Mobile build the world’s first fully virtualized cloud-native telecommunication network.

Discover how data management was taken to the next level for a global collaboration tech company.


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