Let’s talk about Christmas of the Future!

What is the best Christmas gift we can give to the next generations?

The Christmas Episode of Accenture Review TV!

What can we do to keep enjoying Christmas traditions, but also try to minimize the negative impact on the environment and improve living conditions of other people? How to be a conscious and responsible consumer during the Christmas shopping rush? How will technology affect the range and form of our celebrations? What will the holidays look like in 10, 20, or 100 years? Find answers to these and other questions in this Christmas episode of Accenture Review TV!

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Watch Christmas Accenture Review TV episode.

In Accenture Review TV experts talk on current business trends and technology.

In the previous edition, we talked about the future of fashion & e-commerce industries, digital transformation, cybersecurity, and the importance of sustainability in business. Sounds interesting? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

The sustainable Christmas guide

Holiday season is a time when we can focus on what is important.

We wish you a whole lot of eagerness to change some Christmas habits and make those new ones more friendly to our planet. Small changes can lead to bigger ones that will be the best gift for Earth, future generations... each and every one of us!

Check what you can do to spend this Christmas in responsible way.

Christmas with Accenture on Spotify

Christmas Playlist

What would be Christmas preparations without a playlist with the biggest Christmas hits? They have been accompanying us for years and since the beginning of December (and sometimes even earlier!) they start introducing us to this magical atmosphere. So we have put together a few songs that we most associate with this period! Cheer yourself up with the best Christmas songs

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