INTIENT Patient platform

The industry platform for delivering outcome-based services that support patients from pre-diagnosis through ongoing treatment.

Powering patient-first solutions

Companies are increasing their investments in patient-centric capabilities to provide better services that improve patient outcomes. In addition, leaders in the industry are looking for ways to drive clinical and economic success through new research and development, specialized therapeutic solutions and business strategies that bring greater value to patients.

Accenture’s INTIENT Patient platform features the end-to-end capabilities needed to make this shift from their product-focused services to digitally-enabled, intelligent solutions that deliver a better, more coordinated patient experience.

INTIENT Patient platform is the supporting technology for Accenture’s suite of outcomes-based patient services – helping life sciences companies provide more informed, connected patient support.

Built for the patient journey

The INTIENT Patient platform is comprised of four integrated solutions and underpinned by leading technology.

Digital clinical development

Provide solutions to drive more efficient trial design, initiation and monitoring to streamline development of new treatments, devices and services.

Patient engagement support

Activate the healthcare community to increase awareness, access, and adherence that will improve initiation and compliance to prescribed treatment.

Precision patient care

Enable coordinated patient services that provide improved support for clinical care that engages in patient care to support better treatment outcomes.

Personalized commercial execution

Bring novel data and insights to inform campaign design, content and channels that personalize experiences and improve commercial effectiveness.

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Driven by AI and secure technology

The platform features four layers of leading technology to improve the way life sciences companies deliver insight-driven services to patients.

Digital health applications

We provide end user solutions to drive healthcare interactions, decisions and actions via mobile, devices, web and other digital channels.

Applied Intelligence

Our cutting-edge Applied Intelligence solutions embed AI, analytics, algorithms and machine learning to put patients at the center of every solution.

Healthcare data management

Ingest and process your healthcare data from structured and unstructured sources across your enterprise at speed and scale.

Secure healthcare infrastructure

Store, control monitor and scale healthcare information using our safe cloud environment to explore and discover patient solutions.

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Meet Ella – Your AI-driven virtual care assistant

Ella is one of two interactive bots designed to deliver more personalized patient experiences and support.

Part of the Patient Engagement Support solution, Ella is a virtual care assistant for patients that provides a suite of services including medication reminders, vitals tracking and appointment scheduling. Ella enables life sciences companies to provide their patients with a high touch, personalized, interactive way to better manage their health and engage with their care team.

Our Patient Engagement Support solution has been FullForce-certified by Salesforce and fully integrated with Health and Service Clouds.

Case studies

Learn how our patient services platform helped orchestrate the ongoing treatment that patients need to live a long and fulfilling life.

Shire collaborated with Accenture to create a mobile application that enhances the patient experience and improves patient care.

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