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Telecommunications benchmarking

Now a part of Accenture’s network solutions, the umlaut telecommunications benchmarking is stronger and more transparent than ever.

The industry standard for global network assessment


Mobile benchmarking

Discover the latest 5G advancements, improved video experience, more reliable network connections, and new developments in our crowdsourcing data.

Benchmarking 2022 – Framework Score Preview

Benchmarking Crowd Score reports use anonymized, crowdsourced, market-level data to provide an indication of the direction 5G could take in the future.

Fixed broadband benchmarking

Assess key criteria such as download speed, upload speed and latency for broadband technologies across copper, cable and full fiber.

International Score Comparison 2022

Explores benchmarks to help network operators around the globe demonstrate delivery and improvements to consumers, business users, and enterprises.

What we think

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Learn how you can use private wireless networks to upgrade, extend and modernize connectivity to challenging industrial sites.

The age of (r)evolution: the metaverse opportunity for CSPs

The early stages of Metaverse market development is highlighting 3 possible archetypes across B2C and B2B.

Powering SMB transformation: CSPs’ path to new growth

Explore how a collaborative ecosystem can become CSPs’ key to winning the marketplace opportunity.

Meet our lead

Hakan Ekmen

Global Networks Lead, Communications Industry