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Retirement reinvented for the digital age

Retirement in the New

Four steps to transform the digital retirement agency

Client story

Social security: Securing life goals

Enter the digital retirement agency


People check their smartphones every 6 minutes.


Seek customer support on a mobile device.


Retirement system members would use a mobile app.

Pension fundamentals in flux

Redefining value

Ambitious pensions agencies can evolve from simply processing transactions to proactively advising members as trusted retirement coaches.

Shifting volume

As digital self-service reduces demand for in-person services, staff can focus on more complex issues, adding value and improving impact.

New expectations

As record systems become truly interactive, analytics can anticipate needs, personalize marketing and deliver improved outcomes, not just answers.

Changing delivery

The shift from on-premise delivery to cloud is enabling agencies to innovate while operating more securely, efficiently and responsively.

The road to reinvention

Serving members starts with understanding them

Measured and treasured

What we think

Technology Vision 2023: When Atoms meet Bits

The foundations of our new reality will be built by fusing the physical and digital worlds

Accenture Life Trends 2024

The visible and invisible mediators between people and their world are changing.

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