Co-innovation with local companies

Our aim is having industry-based innovative technology used worldwide. Through cooperation, we improve the innovation potential of leading Baltic companies.

Unlock your innovation potential

Remote workshops

Collaborate virtually like never before in a facilitated co-creation session enhanced by the Design Thinking methodology and Service Design mindset.

Design thinking workshop

Empathize with the consumer, discover problems and integrate customer and business needs with the technical possibilities.


Experience building proof-of-concept in an agile and lean way. Transform your idea into a working prototype while minimizing your risk and investment.

Validating on the ground

Find out if your idea holds water in the market by piloting your proof-of-concept with industry partners and stakeholders.

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What is in it for companies?

Co-innovation enables companies to cross-pollinate ideas and validate cases, and provides risk-sharing and cost-efficiency.

Capitalize on insights beyond your own industry

Improve product performance by integrating trends and experiences from other industries and regions.

Benefit from innovation investment risk-sharing

By combining skillsets from two or more companies you can make the innovation process more cost-efficient.

Shorten overall innovation cycle

Co-creation allows you to bring your ideas to the market much faster than developing all competencies in-house.

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Innovations at Accenture Baltics

Smart parking proof of concept

The computer-vision based tool that combines linear and deep learning algorithms for live stream processing to detect free parking spots.

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Proof of concept for fashion retail industry

Digital Twin App + Extended Reality=Retail Fashion Revolution. The Digital Fashion Twin app shows how you look in different clothes and combinations.

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Intelligent supply chain AWS + Blockchain

Intelligent supply chain system manages shipment of goods through smart contracts on blockchain, and monitors item status through attached sensors.

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Use VEF district as your pilot territory

VEFRESH movement, of which Accenture Baltics is part of, is developing the VEF district into a large-scale smart city testbed where corporations, startups and public sector can test their solutions in a public space.

Technology and solutions developers from industries such as energy and water management, smart buildings, traffic and transportation or any solution that improve the quality of urban of life are welcomed to choose VEF district as their pilot territory.

Get in touch with us to find out more.

VEFRESH innovation movement

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What our partners say

LMT had a rewarding co-creation experience in prototyping new digital services together with the Accenture team.

Rudolfs Strelis

Innovation Manager at Latvian Mobile Telephone (LMT)

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