Cooperation with startups

Immense value can be created by combining the fast pace of startups with the experience of corporations. Co-innovation is at the heart of what we do.

We are building bridges between startups and multinationals. In our daily communication with Fortune 500 clients, we bring them to the table with the most innovative Baltic startups that are ready to scale.

Why do we collaborate with startups?

Why do we support startups?

What is open innovation?

What is in it for startups?

Receive business guidance from our professionals

Our industry specialists can help you with market knowledge and information on real-life industry challenges.

Boost your solution’s credibility

Recommendation from or a collaboration project with Accenture, can be a global recognition mark of innovation and reliability.

Meet decision-makers from Fortune 500 companies

It can take months, even years to reach relevant contacts in multinationals, whereas our people have them just a call away.

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Startups and scaleups

Scouting for startups

If you’re a startup or a scaleup from the Baltics and believe that your innovation is relevant to multinationals, we will be more than happy to learn about your offering. Please, get in touch by sending your pitch-deck and we will get back to you.


Baltic Startup Magazine

Together with our ecosystem partners, we are reporting on he latest developments of our regional startup ecosystem.

We are proud to have the 3rd Baltic startup magazine published that gives an insight into challenges of startups and innovation in the Baltic region.

Maksims Jegorovs

Accenture Latvia Lead

What our partners say

The Accenture Latvia innovation team have been super valuable mentors and sparring partners to startups in our Riga based accelerator.

Zane Bojare

Head of Marketing & Communications, Startup Wise Guys