Education and research partnerships

Accenture Baltics establishes close relationships with the most advanced and respected educational institutions and their innovation labs in the Baltics.

How we work

With universities and technical schools

We create joint educational programs and offer study courses that we design focusing on employment critical skills.

With students of all levels

Our offer to students includes guest lectures, learning programs (Bootcamps), internships, topics for Bachelor and Master thesis and other activities.

With innovation labs and scientific institutes

We collaborate with interdisciplinary student and scientist teams to research and prototype the newest technology solutions.

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What is in it for universities and researchers

Be sure that your students are working on real industry challenges and reach top student employability rankings.

Align with the latest industry trends in your thesis or research project.

Obtain market specialist feedback on early stage ideas.

Get access to real life test beds and pilot territories.

Increase the speed of commercialization.

Improve the skills and employability of your graduates.

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Suggested topics for Bachelor and Master thesis

We have listed more than 25 topics that are currently in high demand in the IT business world. If you are studying in Baltics and are ready take up on researching one of the suggested topics, we will be happy to provide a one-time consultation.


What our partners say

Cooperation with University of Latvia and Ventspils University of Applied Sciences

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