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Disrupting traditional industries with quantum computing

March 05, 2021


In brief

Executive summary

The first glimmers of a technology revolution

What is quantum computing?


A report from Allied Market Research predicts that the global enterprise quantum computing market will on average grow by 31.7% annually from 2018–2025 and will reach about $5.9 billion by 2025.

Applying quantum computing to business


Optimization problems exist across business functions and industries, with great effort and cost using traditional computers.

Research and modelling

Quantum simulations can help scientists better understand molecule and sub-molecule level interactions which can lead to breakthroughs in chemistry, biology, healthcare, and nanotechnology.


Quantum computers have the potential to break existing encryption security algorithms – governments and organizations alike must therefore ensure encryption is quantum-ready.

Industry specific applications

Quantum computing is expected to impact all industries, but have the most significant and immediate influence in finance, robotics, materials science, and healthcare industries.

How to prepare for the future, now

Building a first mover advantage

Benjamin X.Y. Lee

Managing Director – Applied Intelligence

Ben Lee leads the Applied Intelligence Strategy practice in the UK.

Peter Aitken

Senior Manager – Digital Strategy, Applied Intelligence

Elliot Choo

Consultant – Digital Strategy, Applied Intelligence

James Phillips

Consultant – Data Strategy, Applied Intelligence

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