Accenture Virtual Visits Solution

Enhancing citizen engagement at a time of unprecedented need

Citizen engagement for a new era

COVID-19 has increased demand for citizen services while limiting access to those in need. Face-to-face meetings are often a necessary step to providing critical public assistance, yet delivery of these services has been restricted.

Accenture Virtual Visits Solution (AVVS) can help to quickly ensure service continuity at times of unprecedented demand.

AVVS is more than just video teleconferencing, it’s a complete end-to-end remote service experience for citizens and staff. Using Microsoft Teams, the solution offers self-service appointment booking, virtual document sharing, and easy access from multiple device types.

This reduces the operational complexity for citizens, allowing them to get the care they need in a faster and more comfortable way.

Leading voices

Growing trust with virtual visits.

Trust is growing in virtual services

COVID-19 restrictions made virtual services a necessity, but many citizens want them to stay.


of executives and citizens expect social services to look very different in the years ahead. (Source: Social services: lead with impact, 2020)


of public service workers say they want to increase how much they work remotely. (source: Public service as a career of choice research, September 2020)

End-to-end service delivery

See the eight different components of the Virtual Visits process lifecycle.

AVVS delivers a completely new end-to-end remote service experience for citizens and staff.

It enables:

  • Self-service appointment booking
  • Live sharing of documents and information
  • Follow-up and continued engagement
  • Easy access from multiple device types
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Social services: Lead with impact [RESEARCH]

Key priorities to deliver effective services
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"Accenture’s Virtual Visits Solution is another way that governments are making services more accessible."

– RAINER BINDER, Managing Director – Public Service, Social Services Lead

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