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Gives you the power to manage the future


The paradox of choice for CFOs

The impact of change

Strengthen business agility

Become more nimble and multi-dimensional in reporting and decision-making by accessing real-time data, analytics and insights.

  • 35-40% decrease in period close times
  • 25% reduction in cycle time of delivering reports
  • <45 days to complete budgeting activities

Support integrated business planning

Access to real-time information anytime, anywhere enables an end-to-end planning capability that connects all enterprise functions for unprecedented—multiplying value while lowering risk.

  • 95%+ forecasting accuracy
  • >95% timely and accurate reports
  • 90% standard vs adhoc reports
  • Faster time to insights from month close

Increase liquidity

Improve liquidity of the business through better bank account management, cash management, cash forecasting, cash positioning, hedge accounting and treasury reporting.

  • 30-40% improvement in cash forecasting accuracy
  • 85-95% cash flow forecast accuracy
  • 30-40% savings from improved report system

Elevate the role of finance

Increase the finance organization’s influence as a business advisor—only finance has the end-to-end view of the organization with real-time data, analytics and insight to help set and deliver the strategy.

  • Effective management of investor and shareholder expectations
  • Ability to predict company share prices with cognitive platform and trend analysis

Services that power change

Finance planning & analysis

Enables integrated business planning, optimum budget allocation, driver-based forecasting, data driven decision making, faster insights and positions Finance as a trusted business advisor.

Cash & liquidity management

Improves liquidity of the business through better bank account management, cash management, forecasting, and positioning, hedging and reporting.

Tax regulatory & compliance​

Improves compliance of Direct and Indirect Tax regulations through timely preparation of tax returns, calculation of tax liabilities, reconciliations and reports.

Investor relations management

Improves investment ROI and helps in making data driven decisions by providing actionable intelligence (competitive intelligence, market intelligence, media monitoring etc.) and insights.

Change in action


Fine tune your finance engine

Moving core finance processes to a data-driven, intelligent operating model helps you optimize business performance.