INTIENT Pharmacovigilance

A cloud solution that collects, manages, and learns from the full spectrum of pharmacovigilance data.

Delivering targeted automation and early insights

INTIENT Pharmacovigilance equips life sciences companies with a centralized platform that turns diverse data into insights that drive safety.

It enables companies to understand the impact of products and treatments on patients, so they can better manage risks and respond to stakeholder demands across the healthcare landscape.

INTIENT Pharmacovigilance | Accenture

INTIENT Pharmacovigilance equips companies with a centralized platform to collect, manage and learn from the entire spectrum of patient safety data. See more.

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The cure for case processing

With the latest innovations, INTIENT Pharmacovigilance makes case processing faster and less costly. With higher quality and improved compliance, it helps companies refocus time and resources on more strategic endeavors and improve patient safety.

Cloud-based platform

Powered by Applied Intelligence, incorporates artificial intelligence, natural language processing, optical character recognition and machine learning.

Data extraction

Extracts case data and assesses the priority, seriousness, expectedness and causality based on cognitive inference and with confidence scores.

Advanced safety analytics

Offers advanced analytics for deriving improved insights, with greater accuracy and new visualizations to reach better and faster safety interventions.

Machine pre-processing

Delivers pre-processing of machine-readable source documents to generate well-formed, quality output for import into enterprise safety systems.

Re-inventing teams

Re-invents case handling team roles from processing cases to managing exceptions, allowing focus on strategic improvement of patient safety outcomes.

Ready for implementation

Stands ready for implementation and is on its third GA release, governed by the same validated development lifecycle as an established platform.

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