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Cryptography in a post-quantum world

October 4, 2018


In brief

Quantum is coming…is your security function ready?

Every organization should work to achieve quantum-proof coverage by 2025.

Steps to maintain secure communications and encryption:

By June 2019

Assess scope—Evaluate the cryptographic risks across business processes and assets, including current crypto methods, key lengths and where stored in the enterprise and within the partner ecosystem.

By January 2020

Develop mitigation strategies—Update existing crypto methods (i.e., lengthen key sizes), explore other data protection controls, evaluate current quantum-resistant lattice-based and hash-based cryptography.

By end of 2025

Plan and implement migration—Update systems with quantum-proof cryptography methods across all prioritized enterprise assets and third parties. Develop new policies, methods and procedures to support.


Technology 2019

The post-digital era is upon us

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