Leading Italian publisher, GEDI Group, and its advertising sales agency, Manzoni, have committed to becoming a data-driven company. A deep advertising transformation program is helping them adopt new digital models, both in the traditional and digital ad business. GEDI has chosen Accenture as its consulting and technology partner for this challenging journey.

As the first step of its transformation journey, Manzoni wanted to use Artificial Intelligence to better monetize digital content for both ad-funded and pay business models. The key enabler of this strategy would be the ability to identify highly-qualified audience segments—by age, gender, interest, etc.—and target them with extremely accurate advertising campaigns and tailored content services.

Striking the balance between traditional and digital

Global internet-based advertising revenues are soon expected to surpass non-digital. Frustratingly for traditional ad providers, internet revenue growth is being dominated by a handful of OTT digital giants who are leveraging their ability to target and personalize ad campaigns to individual consumers. What’s more, new ways to buy digital advertising inventories—e.g., programmatically—have set new benchmarks for efficiency.

Unless they act quickly, most traditional publishers and TV companies will see advertisers’ dollars move to competitors’ digital platforms. But with the right operational, organizational and technology strategy, those companies can do more than play defense. They can drive new revenues that combine traditional with digital, and adopt new digital operating models for both.

Manzoni knew that Accenture’s deep experience transforming businesses through digital disruption would speed it to its goals.

In a continuously disrupted playing field, media companies need to make the engine behind their advertising business digitally fit.

Strategy and solution

Monetizing data with advanced analytics

Accenture injected its experience in media industry data monetization and its advanced analytics assets into Manzoni’s transformation. The company could build on Accenture’s successful track record in advertising and content use cases. Accenture enabled Manzoni to collect data from any internal or affiliate digital property, enrich them with first-party data, build highly-qualified micro-segments (based on factors such as age, gender and interests), and monetize them through highly—tailored advertising B2B products and B2C digital marketing actions.

The result: higher ability to target narrowed and qualified audience segments, driving higher monetization of Manzoni’s digital inventories.

The required capability comprised a combination of advanced analytics assets and data scientist skills, verticalized for the media industry—a scarce resource in the market.

"Manzoni is the example of a leader willing to embrace the latest in ad tech to enhance user experiences and extend the reach and effectiveness of ads."

– MICHELE MARRONE, Communications, Media and Technology Lead for Italy, Central Europe and Greece

The Data Monetization Engine and AMAP

These results have been achieved thanks to Manzoni’s adoption of high performance machine-learning algorithms provided by the Data Monetization Engine, which is one of the key modules within the Accenture Multimedia Advertising Platform (AMAP). Accenture Applied Intelligence data scientists then tailored the engine to Manzoni‘s specific needs with specialized use cases for the media and advertising industry

AMAP’s Data Monetization Engine uses state-of-the-art, open-source technology to deliver agency-certified machine-learning algorithms and a set of predefined dashboarding and reporting tools for activation, as well as cloud infrastructure to help minimize operational costs at scale.

Unlocking new outcomes with Applied Intelligence

Accenture’s Applied Intelligence data scientists combined industry and analytics expertise with machine-learning algorithms to help Manzoni apply new intelligence across its business and drive more value from its advertising.


Qualify audience micro-segments and predict advertising inventories with a high degree of accuracy.


Qualify the general audience’s propensity to subscribe to the digital version of the newspaper, boosting paid readership.


Define the churn, upselling and cross-selling tendency of the existing subscriber base.

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With Accenture’s platform and services, Manzoni has already doubled its forecast accuracy over the incumbent provider. With its increased ability to qualify users, Manzoni can now justify higher premium pricing and reinforce its leadership position.


Manzoni can now predict gender with an 80% average precision rate (certified by Comscore and Nielsen).


This project identified 180 commercial segments (based on IAB standard).


Manzoni saw an 80% increase in its inventory forecasting accuracy vs their current inventory management system.

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