Living Systems is technology-powered business transformation.

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Living Systems reinvents every company as a technology company to innovate at scale and drive business growth. Accenture's Living Systems approach helps companies reinvent their business growth strategy powered by technology; realign their organization so technology is at the heart of every business; adopt new practices for agility and experimentation; create a flexible technology core for sustainable change; and empower people to confidently innovate with technology. It has five key levers for tackling big change: strategy, organization, practices, technology and talent.

Tune in to our podcast series to hear how Accenture’s own award-winning global IT team is driving technology-powered business transformation through Accenture.

Technology: Cloud acceleration and optimization

In this podcast, Accenture CIO Penelope Prett discusses cloud acceleration and optimization with Merim Becirovic, who leads Enterprise Architecture for Accenture's Global IT organization, and what this means for Accenture and our Global IT team. You’ll hear about how you can accelerate your journey to the cloud, the foundational steps of technology you need to get right, the power of operating in a multi-cloud universe and what’s next in the cloud for our organization.


Talent: Enabling the elastic digital workplace

In this podcast, Penelope Prett, Accenture CIO discusses how Accenture is enabling the elastic digital workplace with Jason Warnke, who leads Digital Experience for Accenture's Global IT organization.

Accenture has been working on this journey to enable our people to embrace and accelerate innovation for decades, ensuring our people have what they need to connect with colleagues around the world. You’ll learn how we’re using the latest technology like Microsoft Teams to support an adaptable and elastic workforce that is foundational to Living Systems. Hear what lessons we’ve learned along the way and what’s next in our journey.


Technology: Finance + IT = digital transformation

Accenture’s Chief Financial Officer KC McClure and CIO Penelope Prett discuss how Accenture Finance and Accenture’s IT organization have teamed to drive a digital transformation journey for Accenture Finance. You’ll learn more about this Finance transformation journey and how Accenture’s SAP ERP system in the cloud enables tremendous speed and accuracy. You’ll also hear about what innovations are happening today, and in the future, helping to drive more value for Accenture and our clients.


Technology: Technology enablement of secure, remote workforces

In this podcast, Tony Leraris, who leads Live Technology Services and Support for Accenture, joins Accenture CIO Penelope Prett to discuss how Accenture’s global IT team securely enables our 500,000 people to work remotely, during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. You’ll learn how we enable our employees to work seamlessly—whether that’s from home, remotely at a client, or in an Accenture office, from both a technology and infrastructure perspective.


Technology: Powering finance with SAP S/4HANA in the cloud

In this episode, Accenture CIO Penelope Prett discusses powering finance with SAP S/4HANA and how Finance and IT have been working together to make great strides in the SAP arena at Accenture. Guests include Andrew Inchley, who leads Strategy for Accenture Finance, and Eli Lambert, who leads Finance Technology in Accenture’s global IT organization. You’ll hear how we’re leveraging SAP as a platform at Accenture, the value a single instance of SAP brings to our Finance organization and what innovations lie ahead.


Technology: Secure from the start

In this episode, Accenture’s Kris Burkhardt, a leader in the company’s Information Security organization, Simon Gooch, who leads Security for our global IT organization, and CIO Penelope Prett discuss how we approach security and how we keep Accenture’s IT landscape secure in a world of evolving threats. You’ll learn more about our identity and access management approach, what risks Accenture and other organizations should be watching for in the future, and what key technology elements organizations should be addressing to stay secure.


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Our global IT organization has done a tremendous job enabling Accenture on its path to living systems.

Penelope Prett

Chief Information Officer – Accenture

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