The platform business model changes everything

By embracing the transformational power of platforms, companies are capturing new growth opportunities and changing how they connect with customers.

During CES 2021 Bob Ghafouri, Global Sales Lead for Accenture Interactive hosts a dynamic session with Robin Murdoch, Global Software & Platforms Industry Lead – Accenture, Brendon Lynch, Chief Privacy Officer – Airbnb and Loren Padelford, Vice President – Shopify on the 3 things needed to drive a strong platform company:

  • Understanding the business models and key success factors
  • Navigating in an evolving world of trust and regulation
  • Building a foundation for the future of commerce

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The platform business model changes everything

How does the platform business model change everything?

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Imperatives for cloud platform growth

Cloud platform companies have been central in helping businesses manage the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. And as the demand for their services surges so does the battle for market position. Those positioned to pick up on new opportunities quickly—and deliver—will distance leaders from the rest of the pack.

Read the full report to get the recommended actions and improvements to help your cloud platform enhance services and accelerate growth.

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Mapping the future M&E and sports landscape

As the shift to digital channels accelerates and businesses evolve, explore the impacts on the media, entertainment and sports landscape using our new interactive Value Map. With this tool we’re able to understand the major roles involved in content creation and distribution and identify which are well-positioned for the future and which are at-risk. 

This framework and analysis is based on research conducted by the World Economic Forum’s Industry Action Group on Media, Entertainment and Culture and Accenture. Read the collection of our WEF M&E and Sports reports via the links below:

Image of the Media and Platforms value chain frame work that shows a complex web of roles and interactions.

Case studies

Accenture helps Rakuten Mobile build the world’s first fully virtualized cloud-native telecommunication network.

Discover how data management was taken to the next-level for a global collaboration tech company.

Learn how Marketing Mix Modeling can help companies understand their impact on profitability with insights.

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