Cyber Defense

2020 Cyber Threatscape Report

Five factors that are influencing the cyberthreat landscape and steps organizations can take for a more flexible and secure future.

Third Annual State of Cyber Resilience

Our Third Annual State of Cyber Resilience report details a changing cyber threat landscape and how to respond by investing in security technology.

Ninth Annual Cost of Cybercrime

Accenture and Ponemon’s Ninth Annual Cost of Cybercrime Study reveals the cost of a data breach, how to reduce cybercrime cost and improve investments.

Applied Cybersecurity

COVID-19: Emerge stronger with adaptive security

Security leaders are key influencers to keep their organizations safe, secure and help adopt ways to apply adaptive security long term. Read more.

Securing the supply chain

In today’s hyper-connected world, supply chain security is a growing issue that’s rising on the C-suite agenda.

Reinvent the Internet: Secure the Digital Economy

Securing the digital economy does not fall on the individual but instead relies on the ability of leaders to work collectively to forge digital trust.

Managed Security

Cybersecurity: NERC CIP protects control centers

NERC and CIP-012-01 standard is vital to safeguard utilities and control center communications. Learn more about the impact of CIP-012-01 compliance.

Cybersecurity: NERC CIP safeguards supply chains

Accenture research explains how NERC and CIP-013-1 standard seeks to safeguard North America’s electricity supply chain from cyberattacks.

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