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Applied Intelligence

Accenture’s approach to scaling data and AI
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Smart strategy turns AI into action

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a constellation of technologies that allows machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn in order to extend human capabilities. In fact, our clients see the greatest gains when humans and machines work together to complement each other's strengths.

As the potential of AI grows every day, so does corporate pressure to use it. But in the rush to implement AI-powered solutions without a larger vision and strategy in place, initiatives often remain siloed with limited ROI potential.

How do you unleash the full power of AI? By transforming your entire business—not just in small pockets, but at scale. It all begins with a strong AI strategy that empowers you to invest in the right systems, build responsible practices, and prepare your business and your people for tomorrow.

Learn how to master the proven success factors that help businesses multiply value from their AI projects.

There's no silver bullet

Your AI is only as good as the insights that fuel it. Applied Intelligence delivers AI services together with analytics and automation solutions to fully articulate your unique AI strategy and help you scale the impact across your organization.

The code to success

Our big-picture approach is based on several key factors that we believe are essential to any AI implementation.

Brains + bots: Human and machine collaboration

Companies achieve more when human creativity and judgement are coupled with the speed and scale of AI.

Responsible AI

AI should benefit users, communities and society at large, guided by core principles that help deliver desired outcomes while engendering trust.

Cultural change management

Drive adoption and change across all functions and levels with the right training, tools and processes.

An ecosystem of innovation

Ideate and implement your AI agenda in collaboration with partners who have complementary goals.

End-to-end integration

Instead of focusing on a single algorithm or tool, consider the overall business, process or function.

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Case studies

Accenture partnered with the Global Emancipation Network to develop the world's first human trafficking content classifier.

What happens when you bring an intelligent assistant to one of the oldest newspapers in Italy?

The motorcycle brand uses analytics and machine learning to help each bike improve with every race.

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What we think

As the future takes shape, there will be no room for enterprises that cling to the past.

Set yourself up to scale successfully, time and again.

84% of C-suite executives believe they must leverage AI to achieve their growth objectives.

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