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Case Study

Get the most from your cloud journey

How we’re optimizing around speed, sustainability and spend to realize the full value of the cloud

Call for change

"It’s not a matter of if you should use the cloud, it’s a matter of how you should use the cloud."

— DON GALZARANO, Managing Director – Global IT, Enterprise Technology, Intelligent Cloud & Networks, Accenture


Cloud value and optimization


Cloud security

When tech meets human ingenuity

A valuable difference

"Optimizing our cloud operations is a must in moving Accenture to a market-leading, cloud-native position where we can act fast, be nimble, run cost-effectively and securely, and create a sustainable footprint for years to come."

— PENELOPE PRETT, Chief Information Officer, Accenture


  • 1,300 cloud instances upgraded in 6 weeks with no noticeable impact to the business
  • Time to deploy applications decreased from weeks to days due to our modernization efforts


  • 49% decrease in CO2e emissions in 6 months
  • 220+ estimated reduction in metric tons of carbon emissions in 9 months
  • 900K+ estimated reduction of kWh of power consumption in 9 months
  • 20% reduction in average run hours across all server instances
  • All Accenture cloud provider partners have committed to providing carbon neutrality across data centers by 2030


  • $13 million in savings from reserved instance utilization estimated over 4 years
  • 12% reduction in total IaaS spend
  • 13% of fixed IT spend shifted to variable IT spend
  • 25%+ planned savings over the next 3 years


Meet the team

Merim Becirovic

Managing Director – Global IT, Enterprise Technology

Don Galzarano

Managing Director – Global IT, Enterprise Technology, Intelligent Cloud & Networks

Jason Reynolds

Director – Global IT, Intelligent Cloud & Networks, Intelligent Technology Operations