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The cloud imperative for the energy industry

October 08, 2020


In brief

Why cloud?

Why now?

Across the energy value chain and current industry applications


Connect financial and operational data with real-time sensing technology to optimize decision-making on spending, well productivity and cycle time.


Deliver impact in two key areas: pipeline network management and commercial optimization while enabling more effective predictive operations.


Expand visibility and integration, thereby enabling self-optimizing planning, predictive operations, risk calibration and better cost management.

B2C retail and B2B marketing

Enable the integration of point of sales and external data to allow advanced scenario modeling.

Capital projects

Integrate project, cost and time data into complex 5D models for real-time visibility, design standardization or optimizations, and collaboration.

Not all cloud solutions are created equal. The farther companies advance on their cloud journeys, the greater the benefits.

Moving to action

1. Infrastructure

Move current workloads from data center to a cloud infrastructure hosted by a third-party provider.

2. Enterprise systems

Move enterprise business process applications such as ERP or CRM to versions that are offered natively on the cloud platform.

3. Core business systems

Shift core business processes and systems such as asset performance management to applications and platforms offered natively on the cloud.

4. Value propositions

Create new business solutions from scratch—such as an application that measures decision impacts across the end-to-end organization.

No time to wait

Business objectives

Start by defining clear business objectives across each of the cloud value horizons.

Sourcing strategy

Design a sourcing strategy for cloud, deciding which processes to keep running on-premise and which to migrate.

Current applications

Access your current applications for cloud readiness and decide which to re-platform, discard or migrate as-is.

Operating model

Develop an operating model that encourages the use of analytics and new ways of working.

Muqsit Ashraf

Lead – Strategy

Jan van den Bremen

Senior Managing Director – Technology Lead EMEA

Bringing technology, functional and industry expertise across key platforms to help European companies achieve enterprise-wide transformation.

Manas Satapathy

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Energy

Helping unconventional oil and gas operators with strategy, lifecycle management, market analysis and transformation efforts.

Rami ElDebs

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Energy

Focusing on digital strategy, market entry, intelligent enterprises and global operating models.

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