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Seizing new consumer goods value pools

August 20, 2021


In brief

The world has changed forever

Value has a new home

Source: Global Consumer Pulse Survey (GCPR) 2018 & Accenture Wave 9 Consumer Pulse, conducted Nov-Dec, 2020.

Human behaviors have permanently changed


Those who are now working at home are 32% more likely to be making big ticket purchases of large, one-off items as a result of money saved on their commuting costs.


More than half of people are worried about their financial situation, and 46% are reducing spend on non-essentials.


Those with kids at home are 1.5x more likely to now describe lunch as a “chore.” Those working from home (68%) say that convenience, such as access to food and drink options, is important to them.

Localized consumption hubs

The experiences of the future

Source: Global Consumer Pulse Survey (GCPR) 2018 & Accenture Wave 9 Consumer Pulse, conducted Nov-Dec, 2020.

Blazing new paths to growth


Create innovations powered by data: To understand evolving consumption patterns, CPGs must combine real-time local data with consumer insight (e.g. through voice apps, smart devices) in an integrated, unified data platform.

Through whom?

Re-evaluate priority channels: CPGs need to redefine their customer segmentation and service strategy to reflect localized needs and new value potential. Increase Revenue Growth Management capabilities to optimize category assortment at outlet level.

Where and how?

Build agile operating models and supply chains: CPGs need to create agile operating models – processes, capabilities, teams and culture, that can intelligently flex to accommodate the shifts and unlock new value pools.

Senior Managing Director – Consumer Goods & Services, Global Lead

Oliver helps clients become more agile and innovative and reshape their businesses for a new future.

Emma Blackburn

Research Senior Manager – Consumer Insights

Emma explores evolving consumer behaviours, and the impact this has for the industries, companies and brands that we work with.

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