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Accenture at MWC Barcelona 2024

Reinvent connectivity: Master the know-how to grow now

About MWC 2024

MWC Barcelona, the world's largest and most influential connectivity event, promises to bring cutting-edge technology alongside today's most influential visionaries. We'll have a major presence, from Connected Industries Knowledge Partner to main stage keynotes and experiential demos. Learn how we help the world's connectivity agents leverage growth enablers like Gen AI and ecosystems to operate with efficiency, accelerate innovation, and scale effectively while meeting the demands of the connected world.

Visit us during the show in Hall 4 / Booth: 4B30.

What’s happening?

We look forward to collaborating with our partners and clients, and sharing valuable insights on GSMA’s key event themes such as humanising AI, 5G and beyond, and connecting everything.

We are delighted to announce that Julie Sweet, Accenture Chair and Chief Executive Officer, will take the stage on Monday, February 26, 2024, to deliver a keynote address that promises to captivate and inspire.

> Location: MWC Main Stage

Is AI an indispensable necessity or a discretionary luxury for telcos? Will AI be the game changer and can Telcos stay out of the AI race?

> Accenture speaker: Kathleen O’Reilly
> Location: Stage B

Hear Accenture's Chief AI Officer discuss action plans for scaling gen AI and learn why mastering foundational models, data & people matter for strategic business differentiation.

> Accenture speaker: Lan Guan
> Location:  MWC Broadcast Stage – Hall 4

The panel examines how AI, Digital Twins, XR, 5G, IoT, Automation and more enable smart factories to enhance efficiency, productivity and flexibility.

> Accenture speaker: Andy Tay
> Location: Stage A​ - Hall 6

The market value of XR tech is expected to rise from $55B in 2023 to $494B by 2030. Learn the impact of XR today and some practical use cases for customer and industrial applications.

> Accenture speaker: John Walsh
> Location:  Debate Stage – Hall 6

Businesses across industries are in constant pursuit of ways to meet evolving customer demands. Learn the latest trends and strategies for AI-driven services in the telco industry.

> Accenture speaker: Laura Peterson
> Location:  Stage A – Hall 6

The convergence of cloud & intelligent edge tech is shaping the future of Industry 4.0. Learn how experts use these technologies to unlock unprecedented possibilities in the 5G era.

> Accenture speaker: Jefferson Wang
> Location:  Stage A – Hall 6

Gain insights into various approaches and techniques used to detect and mitigate bias in AI systems, as well as the limitations and potential unintended consequences of these efforts.

> Accenture speaker: Juhi Munjal
> Location:  Debate Stage – Hall 6

Gen AI workshops

Generative AI will dominate conversations at MWC, and we’re offering a series of gen AI workshops as part of our MWC24 program. We’ll be covering key topics such as: scale, tech debt, talent, networks, innovation, and customer experience. These closed-door sessions with your industry executive peers will dive into the critical aspects of gen AI that CSPs must consider for successful implementation. Space is limited and registration is required.

Learn more

Connected Industries stage

As GSMA’s exclusive Connected Industries Knowledge Partner at MWC Barcelona, our experts will take the stage to discuss how connectivity and other technologies play a central role in delivering smarter and more valuable products and services.

Railways are set for a technological transformation. Hear our experts discuss how 5G is enabling new use cases, opportunities and shaping the future of global mobility.

> Accenture speaker: Marco Dellarole
> Location:  Smart Mobility Summit – Hall 4

The manufacturing industry has been experimenting with private wireless pilots. Learn the requirements and challenges as we meet the needs for widespread implementation.

> Accenture speaker: Jefferson Wang
> Location:  Manufacturing Summit – Hall 4

Experts will share their experience of AI's impact on manufacturing and industry design and address the challenges of deploying LLM in industrial environments.

> Accenture speaker: Teresa Tung
> Location:  Manufacturing Summit – Hall 4

Learn the future of digital payments from B2C to M2M, and how next-gen mobile payments enable connected digital experiences between businesses, consumers and devices.

> Accenture speaker: Sulabh Argawal
> Location:  Fintech/M-Commerce Summit – Hall 4

Why are so many new tech launches unsuccessful? Learn how to combine deep market understanding with new technologies to rapidly scale fintech solutions.

> Accenture speaker: Yusuf Tayob
> Location: Fintech/M-Commerce Summit – Hall 4

In today’s attention economy, learn how advancements in technology are enabling the communications industry to cater to rising and ever-evolving consumer demand.

> Accenture speaker: Devyani Ozarde 
> Location: Sports & Entertainment Summit – Hall 4

Inspiring demos

On display during the event, visit our booth #4B30 to learn how we're empowering global connectivity leaders to innovate smarter, grow faster and compete better with enriched experience plans, a modern digital core and a future network strategy.

Delight your consumers, SMBs and enterprise customers through excellent customer service with data and gen AI. Demo processes include agent training, client digital twin, empathy scoring, consultative sales, and personalized client conversations.

Move beyond commoditized connectivity services into adjacent and new revenue streams including smart home and video content.

Drive sustained growth by unlocking the value of your network, reshaping customer journeys, redefining service standards and proactively reducing churn with the latest IT technologies and a new data-driven mindset.

Copilot modern software engineering activities to improve business agility and time to market.

Accelerate time to market, increase ROIC and elevate customer experiences through extended network performance with data, analytics, and the metaverse.

Reduce costs, improve service quality and achieve extended network performance by building a modern digital core.

Monetize CSPs' network investments with private wireless and assess and deploy the right 5G business cases.

Who is going to be there?

Julie Sweet

Chair & CEO

Kathleen O’Reilly

Global Communications, Media and Technology Industry Practices Chair

Francesco Venturini

Communications & Media Industry Sector Lead

Boris Maurer

Managing Director – Communications & Media Lead, EMEA

Jefferson Wang

Senior Managing Director – Global Technology Convergence Lead

Lan Guan

Chief AI Officer

Yusuf Tayob

Group Chief Executive – Operations

Andy Tay

Global Lead – Cloud First

Juergen Reers

Senior Managing Director – Global Industry Sector Lead, Automotive

Sulabh Agarwal

Managing Director – Management Consulting

Laura Peterson

Products Senior Client Account and Growth Lead

Meet Laura

Teresa Tung

Cloud First Chief Technologist

Devyani Ozarde

Managing Director – Client Account Executive

Marco Dellarole

Managing Director – Enterprise and Connected Industry Networks Europe

Juhi Munjal

Managing Director – Ind & Func AI Value Strategy Executive