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Blockchain for contracts

Harnessing new technology for digital contracting

Call for change

Blockchain for Contracts

When tech meets human ingenuity

A valuable difference

Improve speed and efficiency

Puts the contracting process in one place, seamlessly

Improve visibility

Places contracts on a shared blockchain database that every designated party can securely view, revise and accept changes

Work with single source of data

Enables multiple parties to share access to the same data with an extremely high level of confidence and security

Eliminate reconciliation efforts and disputes

Designees of a contract agree and sign the same version of a document in a “vault” that cannot be altered.

Reduce environmental waste

Eliminates the need for physical storage space by being digital

Meet the team

David Treat

Global Metaverse Co-Lead and Innovation Incubation Group Lead

Shane Marshall

Managing Director – Global IT, Client & Market Technology