March 10, 2016
Online shopping
By: Kalle

Indians really like shopping. The malls are nice places to spend time with your family or just hang out with your friends. During holiday seasons the malls are always crowded until 10:00 pm when the malls close their doors.

Shopping Mall

It is not just shopping. The malls have variety of different activities such as football fields, go-kart tracks, bowling alleys, football fields and of course movie theaters. There are also plenty of restaurants and fastfood chains in the food courts. Oh yea the shops are there too.

We have however realized that the malls are not the best place to make your purchases. The best stuff can be found online and to be more specific, on your mobile applications.

There are several mobile shopping applications which provide you with huge variety of different products, mostly clothing and accessories. The prices are also way lower than the ones you can find from regular stores. The service is also really good. Delivery takes usually just one day and it is always free. You can even request same day delivery for a small fee if your patience isn't enough to wait for a one day. Mine usually is not.


If you are not satisfied with the product you received, you can always return it by just clicking "return" button on your mobile app. That's what you call convenience.

Sneaker Order

So far the four of us have ordered... well... heaps of stuff. Mostly cloths but accessories and other items as well. The last item I purchased was another suitcase so I can take all this stuff back to Finland.


The home delivery doesn't apply only on clothing and accessories. Almost every restaurant delivers food to your home as well. Some deliver even cakes. I like cakes.


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