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Humanising Healthcare

We help our clients meet the essential expectations that every person has of the healthcare system: access, experience and outcomes.

People need access to convenient, equitable and affordable care—no matter where they live. In this era of personalised and convenient service in industries such as banking or retail, people expect a similar experience from healthcare. This is why 92% of health executives rank delivering a highly personalised experience as a top strategic priority1. Improving health access and experience contributes directly to better care, which will ultimately yield more positive outcomes.

We help our clients address these critical imperatives through intelligent, cloud-based solutions that increase resource capacity, improve workforce productivity, connect data for personalised services across channels, and improve the quality of care and therapeutics.

Together with the world's leading healthcare payers, providers and public health entities, we are putting humans at the true centre of care to improve healthcare experiences for all.

1 "Untapping the Potential for Virtual Care in a Pandemic and Beyond", February 25, 2021

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Accenture and HIMSS

HIMSS22 Europe: Presentations, discussions and content

Health and Life Sciences Experience survey

Accenture surveyed nearly 12,000 people in 14 countries to understand how the healthcare experience is changing. The survey reveals that healthcare isn’t a one-way, one-size-fits-all transaction.

Health Experience

Digital adoption: Reaction or revolution?

Among 700 Finnish people reveals their feelings about changing healthcare experience and technology adoption.
Health Experience

The ultimate healthcare experience: Global Report

Our 2021 Health and Life Sciences Global Experience Survey of nearly 12,000 people in 14 countries reveals what makes a great healthcare experience.

Accenture Digital Health Technology Vision 2022

We are on the threshold of a new decade of digital transformation, and at a defining moment for all leaders. Welcome to the “Metaverse Continuum”—a spectrum of digitally enhanced worlds, realities and business models poised to revolutionize life and enterprise in the next decade—and the impact on healthcare begins today.

This year’s Digital Health Technology Vision report is titled: “Meet Me in the Metaverse - How the continuum of technology and experience is reshaping healthcare.” It explores four key trends that reveal how new technology innovations are reshaping healthcare experiences of the future. Every healthcare leader will need to ask: What will be my organization’s role in this new continuum? What is my vision for succeeding in these future worlds while delivering equitable, accessible care to all?

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Meet Marko

Finland’s citizens deserve easy access to great, technology-enabled care that maximises health benefits while delivering positive experiences.

Marko Rauhala

Managing Director – Health & Public Service Lead, Finland

Healthcare blogs

From digital health to the Internet of Health Things, our experts weigh in on the latest health research and trends to help healthcare organisations deliver better patient engagement and more effective, affordable and efficient healthcare.

Reinventing healthcare to improve outcomes

Healthcare needs a reinvention to create capacity and improve outcomes. Learn about the opportunities and path forward.

Overcoming barriers to providing equitable healthcare

Healthcare services need to be accessible and equitable so that people may truly benefit from them. Here’s how.

How healthcare leaders can help the workforce thrive

Workers need care, support and fair wages—and leaders need them. Learn the right actions to ensure the workforce has what it needs to thrive.

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Case studies

Together with Accenture, Renown Health’s Sterling Silver Club loyalty program delivers health, personal, social and lifestyle enhancement activities.

With Accenture, the NHS migrated 2.1 million employee mailboxes to the cloud as part of a transformational journey to reinvent how healthcare is delivered.

A trusted tool for ER clinicians: Ontario’s Electronic Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale (eCTAS) solution ensures human-centered emergency triage.

Accenture helped a leading telehealth platform scale its virtual care management abilities to satisfy the surging telehealth demand from COVID-19.

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Awards & recognition

We provide industry-leading services and solutions to help our clients deliver more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare. Discover how our awards distinguish us as an industry leader.

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Discover the latest news, announcements and research from our health practice.

Ellipsis Health Named Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge Champion. SimX named Top Innovator

Accenture names Ellipsis Health Innovation Champion and SimX Top Innovator in this year’s HealthTech Innovation Challenge.

Two-thirds of Americans have had a negative health care experience, according to Accenture research

The U.S. healthcare industry could improve care experiences by engaging patients with empathy & using their position to recommend digital technologies.

Accenture launches vaccine management solution to support COVID-19 immunisation programs

Accenture announced a vaccine management solution to help government and healthcare organisations rapidly plan and develop COVID-19 vaccination programs.

Accenture study finds millennial and gen Z patients paving the way for non-traditional care models

Unsatisfied with healthcare’s status quo, millennial and Gen Z patients are paving the way for non-traditional care models.

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