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Unleash the value of data locked up in contracts to realize benefits including accelerated transformation and better business outcomes.

Creating the future of contract data management

Nearly every dollar going in or out of an organization is governed by a contract somewhere within it. Yet contract data has traditionally been held in unstructured, natural language documents and siloed within departments. As a result, business-critical contract information is often almost impossible to access, analyze, and leverage at scale.

No longer. Accenture and Icertis are collaborating to help free up the full power of contract data – helping enable businesses to drive rising value from their contracts through seamless, end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). By bringing contracts into the era of digital, cloud, and applied intelligence, CLM can help enable organizations to operationalize their data to reap significant business benefits.

Our CLM solutions help businesses dynamically analyze contract data and flow the resulting insights into risk and revenue platforms. The potential results?

  • Speed and efficiency across all contract processes
  • Improved business performance
  • Greater compliance at lower risk

Accenture achieves new heights with Icertis Contract Intelligence.

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Migrating contract data: The new business imperative

Data is the lifeblood of any modern-day organization, flowing through every area and activity, making its impacts both pervasive and profound. Contract data presents one of the single biggest legal risks facing any organization—and, at the same time, one of its most underutilized assets.

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is an invaluable tool for any data-driven organization looking to monitor its own risks, secure its finances, and plan its strategic future. Integrating legacy contract data into the CLM solution is a step that’s key to realizing full value of CLM. Legacy contract data represents a treasure trove of information and a powerful source of value while also helping organizations to mitigate many substantial risks.

The message is clear: Contract data is the next frontier for data management – and contract migration is the process for crossing it.

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How we make it happen

Pairing the industry-leading Icertis Contract Intelligence platform with Accenture's deep experience in enterprise-wide cloud implementation, strategy and migration, we can help enterprises leverage their contract data to accelerate time to revenue and manage their obligations more effectively – no matter what their current state of CLM maturity.

Intelligent Contract Transformation

We can help enterprises progress to consolidate their end-to-end management capability, collaborate through a single platform, accelerate the contract lifecycle, and gain insights into contract performance.

Intelligent risk & compliance

To help companies reap more value from Intelligent Contract Transformation, we can provide proactive risk/compliance detection and mitigation. We do this by connecting contract data with related systems and processes and using AI to generate deep insights into risk-scoring, regulatory impacts and obligations.

Accelerated value capture

To achieve the highest level of CLM maturity, we can help companies apply AI to negotiations, pricing, and entitlements for enterprise-wide contracts. The outcome? Companies may ensure the full value of every business relationship is captured in the contract – and then operationalized to deliver business outcomes.

Our SAP Ariba capability

Across all our joint service offerings, Accenture and Icertis also collaborate to deliver Icertis Contract Intelligence on SAP Ariba, helping to enable a leading edge contracting experience for organizations already using SAP’s market leading Ariba spend management solutions. Our SAP Ariba capability encompasses CLM advisory, migration.

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What we think

Our 2020 Legal Risk Study reveals how financial services firms are changing their legal operating models.

Christina Demetriades and Stephen Nicoll share how Accenture empowers their Legal and Sales teams to work effectively together.

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Accenture and Icertis form strategic partnership to help companies modernize contract management

The two announced a strategic partnership that brings together Accenture’s digital transformation capabilities with leading contract intelligence technology.

SAP and Icertis expand partnership to deliver enterprise contract intelligence - contract lifecycle management

Icertis' Contract Management software is the single source of truth for the commercial data needed to reduce cost, accelerate cash flow and minimize risk.

By the numbers


Icertis – Gartner Magic Quadrant 2020 leader in Data & Analytics, Salesforce, and Cloud Managed Services for Contract Life Cycle Management, in recognition of its ability to execute and completeness.


Icertis – Forrester Wave leader for Contract Lifecycle Management For All Contracts, Q1 2021.


Icertis – G2 Grid Report 2020 leader for Enterprise Contract Management.


Number of Accenture procurement professionals with deep technological and process experience, helping clients address supply chain and operations-related challenges.


Number of Accenture contracts digitized through Accenture’s own CLM transformation.


Contracts worth more than $1 trillion in 40+ languages and 90+ countries are managed using the Icertis Contract Intelligence platform.

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