How Accenture does IT

Accenture's global IT organization is at the forefront of innovation, providing the infrastructure and services that enable us to serve our clients.

Enabling Accenture

Our global IT organization’s capabilities are advancing Accenture’s digital transformation for the post-digital world. We are helping Accenture apply the New now in its own business by pivoting to a new IT posture through a focus on cloud, platforms, ecosystem partners, enterprise intelligence, and collaboration. This posture is allowing our global IT people to develop leading business solutions in different ways—and faster and more cost-effectively—while enabling Accenture people to work in a modern manner and with better information. While collaborating with clients to construct their Future systems, we’ve built our own, with a bold and brash transformation. Read how our transformation enabled us to help Accenture emerge stronger from COVID 19.

IT in the New now

Accenture's IT organization enables its 500,000+ people to connect, collaborate, and deliver with colleagues and clients while working from home.

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Outmaneuvering uncertainty

Leveraging the power of technology for resilience

Ramnath Venkataraman, senior managing director–Technology Global Services, talks with Accenture CIO Penelope Prett about what steps Accenture is taking to stay resilient in these unprecedented times.

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COVID-19 presented the greatest disruption the world has seen in decades, including disruption Accenture faced in its work patterns of 500,000 employees at client sites and in its own offices. Despite the unprecedented challenges, Accenture’s infrastructure and collaborative culture enabled a quick response to the disruption of the pandemic, supporting both our people and our clients.

Our Global IT organization played a critical role in powering Accenture during COVID-19, delivering technology and tools to seamlessly transition our business to one where our people work from home. At the foundation, we invested in the right infrastructure and tools, such as cloud; adopted a clear strategy with a security-first approach; and used value-add technologies like analytic dashboards and innovative apps to help Accenture emerge even stronger during this period of great uncertainty. Pervasive use of collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams enabled seamless continuity for our people. Watch the full conversation between Ramnath Venkataraman and Penelope Prett.

Accenture runs on Microsoft

Microsoft solutions are helping speed up our workforce and elevate our digital workers to a new level of performance.

Accenture is working at speed to deploy and adopt a new way of collaborating in the New.

Accenture embraces the winning combination of Intune mobile application management and integration with Microsoft 365 for enterprise security.

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Accenture is powered by SAP

Our implementation of SAP S/4HANA is a demonstration of truly leading in the New.

Accenture is among the first enterprises to run its production SAP S/4HANA® on Microsoft Azure's next-generation virtualized architecture at scale.

Accenture shares its journey and guiding principles to attaining ERP flexibility, quality, system performance and cost-effectiveness

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Case studies

Reducing the need for Service Desk support using proactive interventions, automation and self-service

Accenture has invested in IT technologies, infrastructure and a collaborative culture that has enabled us to swiftly respond to a COVID-19 world.

Accenture investments in IT automation capabilities for more intelligent and touchless IT operations.

A three-year migration of our IT infrastructure to the public cloud enables Accenture to operate with agility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Accenture’s journey to an intelligent enterprise expands to its legal landscape with the introduction of an artificial intelligence search capability.

Accenture is driving technology accessibility in the workplace to support our people with disabilities across the globe.

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Living Systems | CIO 24/7 podcast series

Living Systems reinvents every company as a technology company to innovate at scale and drive business growth. Accenture's Living Systems approach helps companies reinvent their business growth strategy powered by technology; realign their organization so technology is at the heart of every business; adopt new practices for agility and experimentation; create a flexible technology core for sustainable change; and empower people to confidently innovate with technology. It has five key levers for tackling big change: strategy, organization, practices, technology and talent.

Tune in to our podcast series to hear how Accenture’s own award-winning global IT team is driving technology-powered business transformation through Accenture.

CIO 24/7 podcast series

Our CIO 24/7 podcast series takes a closer look at the IT operations that enable Accenture people to work at the forefront of innovation. Putting a spotlight on individuals in the organization making an impact across the business and in their local communities.

People are listening and others are taking notice. Accenture has been recognized by Communicator Awards, including the 2019 Award of Excellence in the General-Corporate Communications category for our “Girls Who Code” podcast and the 2019 Award of Excellence in the Future-Series category for our “Workplace of the Future” podcast. We invite you to take a listen and hear what we have to say.

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CIO 24/7 Podcast Trailer

Accenture's CIO 24/7 podcast shows how our global IT organization driving innovation for our clients. See more.

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Insights from our blog

How Accenture Does IT: Our global IT organization’s capabilities are advancing Accenture’s digital transformation for the post-digital world.

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The leading-edge playlist

Our transformation to the New is positioning Accenture for the post-digital world, one characterized by companies looking for the next competitive edge. But it doesn’t mean digital is over. Implementing digital solutions has been fundamental to our journey—and likely will be to your organization’s, too. Get inspired by our videos that show how we’re applying digital technologies to existing business capabilities or transforming them to change the way Accenture operates.


Enabling technology accessibility at Accenture

Hear from our Global IT team to see how Accenture is working to enable every single employee to interact with technology that is accessible regardless of anyone’s functional diversity.

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Meet our CIO

Awards & recognition

A closer look at the accolades that the global IT organization at Accenture has won.

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Leadership lessons from Accenture CIO Penelope Prett

Storytelling and team empowerment allow our global IT organization to deliver maximum value to Accenture.

Accenture cloud computing paves way for integration plan

Accenture's CIO, Penelope Prett, aims to provide employees a holistic user experience, taking advantage of cloud computing to integrate various technology tools.

Secrets of successful business-IT co-creation

Accenture weighs in on how the partnership between the business and IT yields the best results.