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Even before COVID-19 struck, executives were struggling to adapt their traditional organizational structures to ever-changing business demands. Nine in ten executives say that the very survival of their businesses has been jeopardized by operating models that can’t keep pace. The pandemic has permanently changed the way people work.

Among the most common challenges today? Integrating acquisitions, becoming responsible organizations that are sustainable by design, getting ahead of digital transformation, and managing growth. All require creating new business and operating models.

Our services extend from design to implementation through to the ongoing operations of your new organizational models. We can help to align your strategy and operating model to stay competitive and grow beyond your traditional core business.

Read why companies with stronger Sustainability DNA are delivering financial value and a lasting positive impact for society and the environment.

"Hybrid workplaces, the use of cloud and AI, the shift to e-commerce and meeting the needs of all stakeholders: The future organization needs analytics-enabled operating models that put people’s needs at the heart of being agile in the face of change."

— KENT MCMILLAN, Managing Director – Global Lead, Organizational Development and Europe Lead, Intelligent Operating Model​


Enterprise agility

Developing agility at the core of organizations and their culture to enable business models that achieve both scale and responsiveness.

Sustainable & responsible by design

Building the infrastructure of practices and behaviors that underpins responsible organizations and enables them to succeed in sustainable markets.

Digital transformation

Putting in place the organizational and workforce pre-requisites for successful large-scale implementations of cloud, AI and other new technologies.


Designing and implementing the rapid organizational changes required to make a success of acquisitions and mergers.

Zero-based organizational design

Creating the cultures, mindsets and behavioral change that sustain zero-based approaches to cost and growth.

Organizational analytics

AI-assisted analysis to understand in granular detail who’s doing what, when and how effectively, and how to anticipate the impact of change.

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"Large complex businesses that are driving new, digitally powered business models are investing in organization design as a foundation for better decision-making. Today’s organization models must deliver both agility and scale."

— GREG KESLER, Managing Director – Kates Kesler Organization Design, Accenture

By the numbers


of business leaders say that the very survival of their businesses has been jeopardized by operating models that can’t keep pace


of executives feel they will need to completely rethink their processes and operations to be more resilient as a result of COVID-19


The long-term EBITDA growth for truly agile organizations compared with 6% on average for non-agile organizations

Case studies

How do you radically reposition after an industry collapse? Soitec has tripled revenue and profitability with Accenture’s Business Futures approach.

Global food manufacturer digitizes its Talent and HR operations and reshapes the employee experience to meet customer needs.

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