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Swisscom decided to update its sustainability goals with ambitious goals in a race to Net Zero by addressing Scope 4 emissions.

Accenture helped Disney Studios’ StudioLAB build and pilot a scalable platform to deliver an interactive movie poster content experience.

Watch Globo's CEO, Jorge Nóbrega, as he reflects on Accenture’s contribution to the UmaSóGlobo program.

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CSPs' critical role in the race to net zero

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are in a critical position to directly address the challenges of climate change. In this new paper done In collaboration with Accenture Research, we propose that that telcos that assume the mantle of Sustainability Steward can be part of the solution, for themselves, for their business and customers, and for global environmental impact. A Steward can take one of three forms: Sustainability Leaders who transform from within, Ecosystem Enablers who expand their influence to those their businesses touch, and Consumer Champions who work directly with end users to reduce carbon emissions.

These three roles are not mutually exclusive, and CSPs can fill them all. In the race to net zero, Sustainability Stewards make valuable transformations and set themselves up to reap rewards - for the environment, and for their business.


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