Many organizations have built new data capabilities including analytical data sets and data lakes. However, we’ve found that most clients are failing to explicitly migrate decades worth of enterprise intelligence hidden inside the scores of analytical models.

These models ride on top of the data-warehouse and are deployed into all critical decisions from customer acquisition to servicing, risk management and fraud etc.

Enterprise intelligence is more than just data and platforms.

We understand that a concurrent and explicit “analytics and quant-talent migration”, in addition to a data and tech migration strategy and program, must be undertaken to effectively utilize enterprise intelligence.

A multi-dimensional program is necessary to MIGRATE @ SCALE.

Migrating Enterprise Intelligence requires a holistic approach, focusing on key capability areas and coupled with accelerator campaigns to unlock the value of the New.

Analytic migration – More than code.

Failure to migrate Intelligence will leave business capabilities and impact stranded while data infrastructure migrates to the "new".

About the Authors

Ramesh Nair

Managing Director – Financial Services

Anand Premsundar

Managing Director – Applied Intelligence, Financial Services

Richard Givens

Senior Manager – Applied Intelligence, Financial Services 

Barric Reed

Manager – Applied Intelligence, Financial Services


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