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The art of AI maturity: Advancing from practice to performance

Capitalize on the value of data

The targets of transformation are many but they all start the same way: with data. In any compressed transformation, we believe cloud is the enabler, data is the driver and AI is the differentiator that will help you do something different with your data so you can do something different with your business.

In fact, 78% of CDOs say driving business growth and value creation is their top priority.

Realizing the tremendous value of data is achievable but requires a change in how data and AI are being used across the organization. Unlike traditional data and analytics initiatives that lived in a technical silo, Data-led Transformation is about connecting data and people, ideas and outcomes.

By aligning data strategy to business goals, adapting business-wide systems to support data-driven decision making, and nurturing the talent and data culture to drive adoption on a large scale, organizations can make the shift to being truly data-led. In fact, our research has shown that organizations with a strong data culture have nearly 2x the success rate and 3x the return from AI investments.

The result? A cloud enabled, data-driven business that taps into data value and uses AI in new ways for sustainable business growth - whether that’s improving operational efficiency, delivering more exceptional customer experiences, or creating new revenue streams through intelligent products and services.

Putting data at the core at Walgreens

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“We do believe that data is at the core of our go-forward business strategy. It’s all about the data driving business growth and new opportunities for value creation.”

– CTO, Walgreens Boots Alliance

Benefits of Data-led Transformation

We help you to find value in your data so you can deliver measurable results against your business goals.

Operational efficiencies

Improve processes to reduce capex and opex spend and provide the flexibility to support changing business requirements and priorities, improving your responsiveness, agility and speed to value.

New products and services

Extend into new domains, reinvent your offerings and evolve with the confidence you can scale to meet changing customer demand and priorities.

Sustainable workforce/business

Assess the existing talent pool, visualize and cultivate the skills needed for the future, and build a sustainable workforce that is ready for what’s next.

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Leading in data & analytics services

Everest Group announced results from its 2022 PEAK Matrix® Assessment, naming Accenture as overall Leader for the fourth year in a row in Data & Analytics (D&A) Services—ahead of all other providers assessed. We were also named Star Performer in this year’s report by significantly increasing our position and widening the gap between our competitors.

The report highlights Accenture’s suite of industrialized and customizable AI solutions and the Accenture Data Platform to help clients in their data-led transformation journey. Clients have also highlighted Accenture’s ability to strategically partner and co-innovate with client organizations, as well as our technical and domain expertise. Download Accenture's assessment now.

Everest Group Data and Analytics (D&A) Services PEAK Matrix Assesment 2022
AI Leaders Podcast Series


Episode 12: Data Mesh — From theory to practice

By the numbers


of CDOs say driving business growth and value creation is their top priority.


of executives plan to accelerate digital transformation, including an emphasis on moving to cloud (26% increase compared to pre-covid).


of companies have a mostly manual approach to discovering data within their enterprise, and only 28 percent have a strategy in place to take advantage of it.


of organizations lack an enterprise data strategy to fully capitalize on their data assets.

What we deliver

Data-led Transformation helps organizations change how data and AI are being used across the organizations to quickly unlock insights, realize data value and enable confident decision-making to drive business growth.

Value realization

Find the real value of data by defining what really matters to the business – in the short and long term – and then integrating the data and AI agenda into a strategic roadmap aligned to business priorities.

Intelligent data & AI platform

Build a cross-functional data platform on cloud that connects the enterprise through a secure, single source of truth, so that users across the business can access, explore, and use insights in the context of their individual business needs.

Talent and culture

Promote and incentivize a data-driven culture through business adoption programs that engage and upskill employees to ingrain analytics across business practices and in decision making.

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Client spotlight: Banking on better data

Siam Commercial Bank wanted to unlock the value of its data to enhance experiences for consumers, optimize operations and fuel future growth. They modernized their data landscape, moving to cloud to help make data and analytics easier to access, visualize and use across functions. They implemented a program to create clear guidelines for effective and secure use of data and analytics and implemented automation that reduced manual processes by 40%, improving accuracy while securing higher customer satisfaction. Through development of a digital transformation approach which combined advanced data and analytics capabilities with people-focused processes and tools for better employee engagement, Siam Commercial Bank was able to use a constant stream of data-derived insights to reinvent their business.


2021 CDO survey – The results are in!

What are the top 3 skills required for a chief data officer to be successful? What are the greatest challenges the Chief Data Officer faces in delivering on data vision of the organization? Where are the biggest gaps between the CDO’s current primary role and an optimized role?

To hear what is top of mind for over 180 Data leaders across the globe – read the report.

Accenture & MIT CDOIQ Survey Results

What we think

Learn the 5 keys to mastering AI for differentiation and 50% more growth.

Companies serious about using data and AI for growth need to begin taking steps to modernize their data and AI foundation.

Explore organizations' attitudes towards AI regulation and their readiness to embrace it.

Solving tomorrow’s business challenges means understanding the value of your data today.

Synthetic data is poised to revolutionize the way the world uses and benefits from its data.

Data products productize data to accelerate value, improve decision-making, and even create entirely new revenue streams.

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Our ecosystem partners

We seamlessly integrate with a variety of ecosystem partners and platforms to enable greater flexibility and speed to results.

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Good data, connected across the organization, allows you to see things you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise and leads to useable, actionable insights and more precise decision-making. By tapping into this data value, you can continually improve how you work, how you serve customers and how you differentiate through new products and services.

Data’s value depends on its accessibility, useability and application across the business to support better outcomes. Cloud is the only place where data can be connected seamlessly and widely used across the business. By tapping into the computing power of cloud, you can scale the creation and use of machine learning algorithms that power your AI - making your data even more valuable and open the door to generate insights that lead to faster and better decision-making.

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