With a relatively small domestic market, Canada relies on exports. Facilitating global trade, EDC helps Canadian businesses of all sizes succeed on the world stage. It’s a role that demands connections around the world; a role that demands a solid digital presence.

EDC recognized that in order to achieve its ambitious customer acquisition goals it needed to extend its digital capabilities to better understand and serve its target audience.

The company started by addressing mobile responsiveness, initially applying Adobe Experience Manager, before deciding to work with a digital partner in order to move from incremental implementation to transformation. Given our track record with large digital programs and our in-depth knowledge and experience of Adobe platforms, EDC chose us to expand its digital ecosystem, make the most of the new technology, and move rapidly towards an ambitious vision.

Strategy and solution

With the mandate to deliver large-scale change for EDC, we started with the foundations. Our Fjord team engaged EDC’s customer panel for user research and to understand the different customer, and we began the transformation of and migration of legacy sites.

As we consolidated into one primary site on Adobe Experience Manager, we also integrated Adobe Analytics, Dynamic Tag Manager and Adobe Target for customer insights and targeting.

Another key aspect of the transformation was embedding an Agile mindset—a new approach for EDC. Using Adobe Experience Cloud allowed for rapid development, testing, and deployment, ensuring we could rapidly achieve results, update processes, and build the culture and capabilities that support the new customer experience.


  • Scrum framework
  • Story mapping and MVP approach
  • Design thinking
  • SAFe for lean development


  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Target and Dynamic Tag Manager/Launch
"We needed to have our thinking challenged, and to be taken on a journey. We saw Accenture as a partner who could and would continue to do that."

— MARC-ANDRÉ ROY, Vice President – Marketing & Digital Strategy, Export Development Canada


Since the start of this ambitious digital transformation, we’ve helped EDC achieve notable success, equipping the business to effectively engage its audience and deliver increased value to customers across Canada. Now it has embraced digital ubiquity and a culture of change that allows the business to serve customers with a better experience.

Cultural changes

We’ve embedded significant cultural changes, leading to a digital-first, agile business, where challenging the norm is the norm.

Skills building

Our Adobe and Accenture Interactive teams can now focus on building the EDC resources and ensuring the in-house teams have the skills to design, build, and run campaigns.


We’ve positioned EDC to be able to tackle optimization, experimentation, and personalization at scale.

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Having built the foundational capabilities of one platform for one brand and one experience, our transformation signals the start of the next stage of EDC’s exciting journey.


We’ve consolidated all legacy platforms into one, running a mobile responsive site on Adobe Experience Manager.


We’ve seen 35% organic growth in traffic and lead generation.

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