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Salesforce is a unique customer experience platform that helps sales, marketing, service, and HR teams to automate processes and sell smarter.

Customer at the center of the action

Salesforce is truly unique among customer-centric platforms. It builds on the idea that for the vast majority of successful companies customers come first. It therefore helps sales, marketing, IT, and even service and HR teams to work together using relevant customer data. A comprehensive – so-called 360-degree – view of the customer is complemented by Salesforce's predictions of customer behavior and pertinent recommendations. With all this, even the largest companies, regardless of industry, can work to boost customer satisfaction while offering new and innovative services and products. What benefits does Salesforce offer in practice? And what exactly does it mean that it is joining forces with Accenture? In the video, Jan Malý, who is responsible at Accenture for Salesforce within Central Europe, explains all that and more.

More about Salesforce

Salesforce in banking

With Salesforce, we help banks acquire new clients, eliminate risks, and accelerate innovations while reducing the costs of their implementation. How is this possible? Jiří Krám has the answers.

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Salesforce in the insurance industry

The Salesforce platform brings real innovation to the insurance segment. Not only can it solve digital transformation, it also delivers a wholly innovated customer experience. Jiří Krám explains more.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Do you want long-term successful relationships with your customers? Matěj Zima explains how you can offer finely tuned communication and a seamless customer experience with Saleforce Marketing Cloud.

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Salesforce and Accenture in a unique partnership

How do successful companies respond to turbulent times and new client demands? And just how do Accenture and Salesforce collaborate? Experts Jan Malý and Piotr Faderski discuss this together.

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Digital marketing of the future

How to cope with growing demand for advanced marketing tools? And can online and offline activities be combined flexibly? Jan Malý from Accenture and Michal Rulík from Salesforce take up these topics.

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