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In today’s world, demand for innovations is accelerating. Cloud migration and the use of artificial intelligence are becoming key topics.

Cloud as an accelerator of success

Cloud is key to success for many companies. It enables them to generate new sources of income, respond to new challenges at high speed and on a broad scale, perform better in competitive environments, and analyze data faster. Juraj Vaško, who is responsible for infrastructure and cloud at Accenture, describes in this video what cloud actually is and why it has become an increasingly common topic in recent years not only for global but also for significant local players. You will discover concretely how cloud can help your business, too, to deliver rapid, sustainable, and innovative growth, as well as why it is not beneficial to remain on your current on-premise infrastructure.

More about cloud

Cloud and the finance segment

Cloud is becoming indispensable in many business areas. The financial sector is no exception, streamlining implementation of new digital services and innovations. Jiří Sobola describes the benefits.

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Transforming your business to Cloud step by step

In the digital transformation process, broader context is crucial. As this requires thorough analysis, long-term vision, and know-how, Jiří Sobola explains step by step how cloud transition occurs.

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How Accenture helps with Cloud implementation

Pharmacy, automotive, or manufacturing. In these areas, too, cloud’s possibilities are endless. How specifically can digital transformation help various industries? Lenka Madliaková provides answers.

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Cloud brings complete transformation of a company

Cloud migration means you save money on building your infrastructure. But it offers much more, such as helping businesses to boost profitability and innovate better. Juraj Vaško describes how.

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Cloud in High Tech – a practical approach

Cloud is now wholly essential in helping high-tech firms prepare for the future. Companies of all sizes can benefit. Renata Vetýšková describes what a successful digital transformation looks like.

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Cloud in energy, utilities, and heavy industry

Energy, utilities, and industry are transforming dramatically toward greater digitization, decarbonization, decentralization. František Pisk explains the new challenges and how cloud helps meet them.

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