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Our strategy, technology and consulting services help to transform organizations and build business value through technology architectures.

Technology consulting

In the next edition of the Accenture Series focusing on ecosystems of the future and digital transformation strategies, you will discover that the era of large and costly IT projects is over. Successful modern companies emphasize understanding and maximizing potential of modern technologies. Technologies are transforming these companies' business models and powering their services and products by employing new talents that experiment with architecture in searching for new values. The market dynamics require building a technology core that is sufficiently robust and at the same time flexible to enable a company's sustainable growth and development. Old IT approaches will not hold up in today's context and in a time of rapidly changing customer demands. The new IT and technology core is component-based and ready for rapid incremental change.

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Living Systems

The Living Systems concept helps to adopt new technologies and work styles. It is a manner of company operation enabling talent development, agility, and experimentation in search of new values.

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Application Portfolio Optimization

The APO methodology is a powerful tool facilitating key management decisions. It provides a comprehensive picture of the application portfolio, its health, value, and opportunities for optimization.

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Multi-speed IT

How to combine complex IT systems built over decades with innovative technology and new requirements for speed of delivery? Multi-speed IT offers the solution.

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Innovation architecture

Innovation architecture is based upon component systems with high added value. The new platforms take advantage of cloud elasticity, as well as native platforms and services.

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